December 3, 2023

When you trust people’s opinions as a Christian, you will end up confused. How can a person in GOD’S will trust in people’s opinion, you may ask? You will find out by the end of this guide.

But how is it possible to be in God’s will and still trust people’s opinions? This has little to do with you do not know your stance, as we treated in our first series on 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life. However, this is more subtle yet dangerous.

Opinions are good, but are they worth the jump immediately you get them? Do you even know what an opinion is?

Are you ready to learn? Let’s begin!

What is an opinion?

According to the dictionary, an opinion is a belief, judgment, or perspective that a person has formed, either through objective or subjective reasoning, about a topic, issue, person or thing.

Opinion also means the judgment or sentiment the mind forms of persons or things; it is estimation.

Do you see the second definition? So, it takes the mind to form this judgment or sentiment about a person, an issue, a topic or a thing. THE MIND.

Remember, we said earlier in our last guide you struggle with self-will, that we must learn to be spiritually minded.

So, you can give up self-will and still end up in CONFUSION because you trust people’s opinions.

How does trusting in people’s opinions result in confusion, even as a Christian?

This very reason is so subtle that you would not understand it until it has eaten deep down your heart.

Dear reader, the devil is very subtle, can pay any price and can never tempt you with what you would blatantly say no to. The devil crawls under your skin, slowly breaking through those walls of truth until he bends your will with subtle lies.

Do you know how he does that?

The devil can go to that person you trust so much. The one you cannot say no to and the one you are scared to hurt even with your sincerity.

That is why acting just because your pastor said it, is not okay, especially when it is a matter of life and destiny! Everybody can be cheering you up, but GOD is saying no.

This is how the devil deceives great men of GOD; suddenly, the congregation becomes the reason for your decisions, not the HOLY SPIRIT.

Apostle Joshua Selman always shares how people advised him to move his ministry to Abuja while he still in Zaria. Still, he pressed on with the HOLY SPIRIT until he got explicit instructions to proceed.

One of my pastors, pastor Chima, would remind us that in this kingdom, it is not a democracy; it is a theocracy, “it is one with GOD that is the majority.

So, you can be on your own enjoying peace, harmony and ease in the will of GOD, and people’s opinions drag you out of that safe zone to a place of struggle and CONFUSION.


Let’s see some illustrations from the WORD to strengthen our conviction.

Examples of how opinions ruined or would have ruined many people’s lives in the Bible

Let’s begin from time immemorial.

Adam and Eve were busy enjoying God’s undefiled goodness and mercy until the serpent whispered the idea that looked so good. The serpent only gave an opinion, and when Eve considered it, she desired it, resulting in severe punishment.

Imagine Abraham telling Sarah about him hearing from GOD to kill their ONLY son, Isaac. What do you think Sarah would have done? Just imagine.

What about the story of Rehoboam? The young king refused to listen to the wise counsel of the elders; instead, he went for the opinion of his peer group.

Do you even know or remember the story of how Amnon raped his half-sister Tamar courtesy of his friend’s opinion and plan!

Did Job’s wife not give him an awful opinion to deny GOD?

OPINIONS ARE SUBTLE AND DANGEROUS. Do you know what people’s opinions do to us? Well, let’s find out!

What do people’s opinions do to us?

  1. People’s opinion awakens desires that are once dead, or you have always suppressed. Just as in the case of Eve.
  2. People’s opinion overwhelms our belief system.
  3. People’s opinion introduces us to alternatives, in many cases outside GOD.
  4. People’s opinion indirectly aborts the grace of GOD supplied for a particular season.

So, be careful who you listen to. It would be best if you often learned to be deaf, even to yourself.

Pastor Chima Ogenyi said, “Many times, the flesh may be talking, and you do not know.” Not only that because;

  • Your emotions have a voice
  • Your anger has a voice
  • Your religious background has a voice
  • Bitterness has a voice
  • Even your fear has a voice

One time, I was battling with a vision GOD placed in my heart even when I had seen endless possibilities and had not shared it with anyone as HE instructed me. I began to ask questions, and HE said, ‘You are battling with yourself; the fears are from you.’

I was beginning to reason it, reasoning it brought self-opinionated WORDS that almost sabotaged it.


Consequences of trusting in people’s opinion

  1. Trusting in people’s opinion opens the gateway to trailing on another route, other than the one GOD ordained for you.
  2. Trusting in people’s opinion tampers with the grace of GOD in our lives.
  3. When we trust in people’s opinions, we begin to desire things outside the will of GOD, and this leads to disobedience.
  4. Following or trusting people’s opinions causes CONFUSION.
  5. Following people’s opinions drags us away from the will of GOD.

Do you want to know how I got a strict warning about people’s opinions? I am itching to share!

How I got a strict warning against accepting people’s opinion

I remember when I was about to write on the topic, Can you work through life with precision

I innocently asked for a genuine opinion from a man I considered wise. And his answer was NO; you cannot work through life with precision.

The HOLY SPIRIT whispered, “He is lying. He is answering based on his own personal experiences.” The conversation did not go further. I remember asking an opinion from my sister’s friend, too, which was so minimal. But do you know a shocking thing?

After some days, I was returning from my village, and THE STILL VOICE asked, “Since when did you start asking for people’s opinions for Young Dreams Matter?”

I couldn’t even answer, then sternly HE said, “Don’t ever try that again”. Hummm, opinions will drag your feet and conflict with GOD’S plans.

This made me rethink who amongst the prophets in the Bible asked for an opinion before writing to any region except GOD’S WORD.

Did Apostle Paul, Peter, James or John the Beloved ask for people’s opinions to write GOD’S revelation?

Note: there’s always room for references, advice and, many times, research, but one with GOD is the majority.

Not even a Chatgpt or other AI tools can decode this thing! Let’s be guided.

How can Christians overcome people’s opinions or stand firm despite overwhelming opinions?

What can Christians do to overcome people’s opinions?

Revelation is the way out of people’s opinions.

Christians can challenge or overcome people’s opinions by depending on revelation.

You can have a revelation of something. If your spiritual father or mother does not know it, you stand a chance to lose the potency of that message by seeking their opinions.

Have you ever wondered why the HOLY SPIRIT confirms information to both parties? See the case of Cornelius and Apostle Peter. That is REVELATION!

Imagine what the issue would have been if Joseph did not get a revelation of Mary’s condition. And already this man (Joseph) has already had his own opinion and planned to separate himself from Mary based on his estimation secretly. Kaii!

Imagine that Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, did not get a revelation of his son’s name after birth. He got the revelation even when he was dumb; he revealed it through writing, and Elizabeth’s initial answer was confirmation. This amazed the people. I am marveled, too.

So, I can be in my house and hear, “Your brother is coming to you. He will bring the fruits you have been asking for.” And my brother decided to get fruits. He might think he decided that on his own, but he was under the influence of what he never knew was in control of the circumstances. THIS IS TRULY DEEP.

I am sure you’ve had such experiences in their different forms. Often, we call it mistakes, other times coincidences. We even say, “My instincts are always right,” but is that your instincts?

Can you imagine the funny name we give the HOLY SPIRIT!?

Do you think your natural mind is smart enough to communicate things? Often, we are so helped by the SPIRIT that we even attribute the glory to ourselves. You hear words like, “I can read minds.”

Note: many times, the people who claim this, are even assisted by unclean spirits, not the SPIRIT OF GOD. Once it is self-induced, know that the HOLY SPIRIT is not in the math.

Advantages of not trusting in people’s opinion

  1. The devil will not use the opinion of the people you trust the most against you.
  2. Once you’re fond of seeking GOD’S face till you get an answer that becomes your anchor, not people’s opinion.
  3. You can detect the enemy’s plan against you through words.
  4. You will not be left with conflicting ideas as opposed to GOD’S WORD.
  5. You will not be left to battle with desires that are supposed to be dead in your life or forgotten.
  6. You will remain standing on GOD’S firm foundation.
  7. When you are on GOD’S business without adhering to people’s opinions, you remain on GOD’S will.

Why most Christians are most likely to trust people’s opinion

  • Fear of challenging the source of the opinion: Opinions from mentors, teachers, pastors, spiritual fathers and mothers are almost hard to resist, especially when you revere them. You must have the HOLY SPIRIT to address it properly.
  • Compromise: Many times, you might know what to do and not just trust people’s opinions but buy the opinion because you cannot afford to stand alone.
  • Impatient and lust: People can take you out of GOD’S will when you are impatient; you can lust after the things GOD has warned you to abstain from or have kept from you for some time, just as in the days of Adam and Eve.


Do you now see how you can land into CONFUSION when you trust people’s opinions? Opinions are not exactly wrong until you weigh them with GOD’S programme, agenda or WORD for that season.

An opinion can lead you to decisions that will cost you a year, two or three years of delayed manifestation, many times even more. When opinions do not match GOD’S WORD, they are unfit for even a minute consideration. You cast them down into captivity to the obedience of CHRIST.

So, ensure you are continually operating in GOD’S WORD and direction. We hope this series blesses you.

Is it possible to be in GOD’S will, not trust in people’s opinion and still be a confused Christian? Although chances are slim, we will reveal the possibility in our next series.

Pray for us that only GOD’S glory is revealed. Till then, stay safe and stay sane!

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