December 2, 2023

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You judge results with money: the sixth reason for your confusion about life

Closely related to “you are rushing progress” is you judge results with money. And this is another plausible reason for your confusion about life.

The rate of cybercrime (yahoo), ritualism, embezzlement, fraud, and betrayal is nowhere near fair. It has become the order of the day that people are now adapting to the normalcy of them.

So, we prefer to throw blame at the victims of these evil deeds while the perpetrators live to continue with their barbaric acts. Why do you think this keeps happening? Shouldn’t there be a way out of it?

You know these days; I try as much as possible to avoid hearing the so-called breaking news. What else can be as breaking as the rate at which people die, and young people give into get-rich-quick schemes? What else can be as breaking as the shootouts, kidnappings, and so many social vices?

Well, the answer is not far-fetched; the media are more interested in what sells for them and that is unusual news. And as I was taught studying mass communication in school, it is the bizarre things that make up for news.

Again, the heat of SUCCESS is too much that we have all missed the most important things.

Do you know why the noise is still resounding? Do you want to know why everything bad keeps happening? Well, it is because people lack PURPOSE and they will fight to protect that one thing that seems PURPOSEFUL.

And do you know what PURPOSE and SUCCESS look like to them? Evidence of money, more money, and a little more money, it never ends. Human needs are insatiable. This is no cliché, it is the truth.

Well, all thanks to the SYSTEM our world has conformed to. Everything remains CONFUSING for those dancing to its tune!

So, welcome to the era where people are judged or respected because of their net worth. And irrespective of what you want to offer, a good number of people will ask about your financial status.

And unconsciously, this has eaten deep down our young generation, so this has increased the hunger and taste for quick money.

Let’s treat properly our sixth series on 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life.

You judge results with money

You are welcome to another VALUE-packed content and in this guide, you’ll learn why people chase wealth and riches more than what matters the most. But first, let’s answer this question.

From age 17 to 25, what should the young adult within this age range give up him or herself to? Any idea…

Well, permit me to answer… It is simply the acts of learning, intentional learning. And yes, although learning starts before this age range, and never ends, this exact age range is the time necessary for the young adult to learn intentionally.

This is because this is the critical period of a young adult’s life, and whatever decisions are made at the stage, whether intentional or carelessly, whether positive or negative, the implications or effects would show it!

Most average parents do not understand this because this is how they were trained too. And as a result, most young adults have their dreams snuffed out of them at the early stage just for the quick search for MONEY.

I hope you know that the odds and ends that come with early exposure are alarming. Falling into unworthy hands is almost inescapable. This is because “peer group influence is stronger when parental and spiritual guidance is weak.”

It is hard to control or direct anybody affected by peer pressure or societal pressure. All these are because of the wrong mindset. While many would get money to fight HUNGER and stay alive, many others engage in the quick-fix solution to IMPRESS people.

Both are two different things, however, even the people who find the money for HUNGER can still be trapped into doing unimaginable things just to survive.

LACK is not a good thing, POVERTY is a disease that steals integrity; it blinds people from doing good, even when they know what is good and what is wrong.

The call for money, more money, and a little more money is now the order of the day.

And as the bible says, “The love of money is the root of all evil” and that wasn’t a lie. We can see the effects, yet many of us choose to be blind to them.

Let’s learn why people judge results with money.

Why do people judge results with money?

About 8 of 10 successful people relate success to money, so for whatever that anyone does and there is no money to show for it. It all seems like a joke, even when it’s clear that you have made your boldest step.

  • People judge results with money because that’s what the system makes society recognize. Remember the slogan “money stops nonsense” I even see these words boldly printed on vests.
  • People judge results with money because MONEY is what society, family, and friends respect the most.
  • People judge results with money because so many people flaunt their successes by showing off on social media. It doesn’t affect everybody, but for many that it affects, they carry the bruises for a long time. They blame themselves for being patient, waiting for GOD’s perfect timing.
  • People judge results with money because they believe that money is POWER. Many people believe that with money you can command results and order respect. All you need to do is throw money at people’s faces and they will do your bidding. What a wrong way of living!
  • People judge results with money because they think money gives HAPPINESS.

There was a season I was sincerely scared for even my siblings because of the rate at which young adults flaunt and oppress others with mere gadgets and clothing. They even flaunt their male and female friends. I mean, all this is overwhelming, right?

Tell you what… If you have a weak mindset, if you do not have a mind of your own, the tendency to fall into this trap is so high. You cannot be strong forever if your belief is backed up with an ancient word and some level of FAITH.

Don’t feel bad that it seems money is not available when you need it the most. Your FATHER has it all; you just have to believe it and ASK for it, not tomorrow, but now!

So, do you now see that knowing your stance is not enough, and embracing discomfort is not enough? Acting on what you know is not enough, saying a gracious NO is not enough! Do you now see that not rushing progress is not enough? Humm…

You judge results with money. Ever wondered why many youths are no longer interested in rendering help voluntarily if they sense there is nothing to gain from it, like MONEY or any other valuables, in exchange for their goods?

If you think you need money so badly, don’t delve into thinking, take it to the LORD in prayer and you will be amazed at the explicit instructions and solutions you would receive. Do you not know that every good and perfect gift comes from GOD?

Do you not know that HE clothes the lilies with beauty and splendor? He watches over the sparrow too! How much more YOU that He created in His image and breathed the breath of LIFE?

You see this thing called worry. WORRY would lead you into the slaughterhouse of CONFUSION and then depression. It will lead you to think of alternatives outside GOD.

Mind you, MONEY is good. We need money to buy the things that sustain life, but when you see yourself yearning for more of it. You forget you already have enough to keep you for the day.

Remember, the word of GOD says; give us this day our daily bread. Read Luke 12:22-34, so you understand what the word says about worrying.

Do you envy the ones that get their money following the wrong schemes? Look at what the word says you should do. Do not envy the wicked man or desire their company, because, like dust, their riches and pride will vanish at once.

Your purpose in GOD is more important than even the money you are looking for. Start doing the right thing today. Remember, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added on to you.

But hey! There could be reasons for you not getting the things you want in LIFE. Do you want to learn the likely reasons? Find out now!

Why many people are in lack

  1. You are no longer in GOD’s will
  2. You are asking GOD for money for the wrong motive
  3. You lack the discernment to work on what would give you right and other things you want pertaining to LIFE.
  4. It is not the perfect timing. Remember, Ecclesiastes chapter 3 talks about timing.
  5. You only want to prove you are better than everyone else.
  6. You are not doing what matters, because you are focused on other people’s success and wealth.
  7. You want money out of JEALOUSY.
  8. You are not working on what you know to have the money that you DESERVE.

Look, it is never GOD’S intention to have His people limit themselves of His riches in glory, yet He made the poor and the rich.

Please choose wealth that comes from GOD. Don’t rush into making money and stand a chance to lose it all tomorrow. Remember, “The blessings of LORD JEHOVA make rich and there shall be no sorrow with it!” Proverbs 10:22.

Change the wrong mindset that you have held for a long time and see if the change itself will not come to you. Start focusing more on how you are doing the will of GOD in your life and see if the blessings of GOD will not overtake you.

Look at what Deuteronomy 28:2 says, “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you obey the voice of the LORD your God.”

Read Deuteronomy 28:1-14 and see for yourself. Do you know what happens when you don’t judge results with money? Let’s learn…

What happens when you don’t judge results with money?

  • You will have peace that the world cannot take away from you
  • You will not be affected by what affects other
  • When you don’t judge results money, you will be keen to understand what life truly means.
  • You will not be interested in the trends that push people into envy, jealousy, and then DEPRESSION.
  • You will not fall into the hands of fraudsters.
  • When you don’t result with money, you are already rich, right?

All these and more you shall reap in the comfort of GOD’s presence, LIGHT, and TRUTH


Whoa! Hey dear, I sincerely apologize for not posting all the series. I never intended to keep you waiting. But trust me when I say. My team and I do background work before serving you great content to relish.

If you have not read other series, it is important you do because this series is incomplete without them. Don’t say you know it all already.

Congratulations on finishing our series “you judge results with money” the sixth reason for your confusion about LIFE.

GOD is more interested in your dreams than you ever will. So, submit yourself unto learning and see if His finger will not lift you. Prepare your mind for our next series, “you accept too little praises and more of condemnation and vice versa.”

This topic seems too cumbersome and should be treated as such. Do you agree with me? So, don’t be surprised when the 7th series is split into two. We will never overwhelm you with information.

Until we meet again stay safe, stay sane, and stay confident. Please cast all your cares, including your dreams, to HIM who is all-KNOWING, take care…



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  1. Good morning Joy… thank you for giving so much to this, following this series I have learn to find joy and stay calm amidst all

    “You see this thing called worry. WORRY would lead you into the slaughterhouse of CONFUSION and then depression. It will lead you to think of alternatives”

    Excellently said💯

  2. This is one of the best articles I have read in a while. When I look back at how worried I am when I needed money for something, this article has in no doubt open my eye to see beyond my worries. I will always revert to this article whenever worry wants to creep in my thoughts.

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