December 3, 2023

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You hate discomfort: the second reason for your confusion about life

How is you hate discomfort a part of this series? Find out now!

Think about this…

When any unbeliever approaches you to preach to you about a subject they believe in, and that subject doesn’t conform to what you believe in. Would you not become uncomfortable? You would even be amazed at their level of ignorance; you might fight them (If you have not allowed GOD to deal with the self in you) or you might simply leave the scene.

This is because you cannot let anything affect your thinking pattern or what you believe in.

Similarly, if you are a well-meaning Christian that believes in the power of GOD, and detests bad things. And one day you find yourself in a den of arm robbers, and then you begin to preach to them about Jesus Christ, and how stealing is not a good thing.

Do you know what is going to happen? They would get uncomfortable, which then leads to anger. They will curse you, they will fight you and if they are worse people, they would HURT you. Do you know why?

Because they have built a belief system around what they do. They earn, feed, and sustain themselves through stealing. Actually, it gives them a sense of PURPOSE.

People will fight to protect what they believe in, whether it is good or bad, whether it is the truth or a lie.

Do they know that stealing is bad? Of course, they do, but they are still comfortable doing what is wrong.

Have you heard about cognitive dissonance? I’ll tell you what it means in this guide. So let’s learn…

Hey dear!

Welcome to today’s series on 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life. And today you’ll learn the second reason for your confusion about life.

So, what if you know the truth but you are still locked up in the web of confusion? What’s the matter?

You hate discomfort

Let’s find out what cognitive dissonance is. “In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the perception of contradictory information.”

What happens when a piece of information clashes with another information? well, there is discord. There is dissonance when a piece of information clashes with what you believe in. You will become so uncomfortable and this the feeling could be so uncanny. This is because disagreements are going on within you.

Suddenly there is noise, noise that raises anger, sadness, argument, and disappointment, and this could compel you into acting. At that point, in time, the person might not be in control of what he or she says or does because he or she is now in a defensive mode.

The feeling is almost reflex, but if you pay attention to your feeling, you will understand what is stirring it up.

And as you may know, when people do not agree on anything, it causes disagreement, fights, and the like. See ten reasons people resist change. Read the next paragraph again, this time consciously…

“Anybody can experience dissonance, whether they hold on to the truth or lies, whether they are good people or bad people. People will flare up when you probe their convictions about the potency of the subject they believe in. People will guard their beliefs jealously, consciously or unconsciously. They would act or rise to protect what they believe in.”

However, the question is what do you believe in? what are you willing to fight for or protect, the truth or lies?

How hating discomfort is a reason for one’s confusion about life

“Discomfort comes into play when you are afraid to face the realities.” Remember, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

However, when people know the truth, but the environments they are in do not permit for the truth to shine, it quickly pushes them back into the realm they were willing to leave. They won’t be comfortable in that realm because they already know the truth, yet they cannot escape because they are afraid to face realities.

In the last series, I promised to finish the story of the event and the argument that happened between my siblings and me. Let’s revisit the scene.

When my sister called me by my name and said I had no choice, I quickly went into a trance. And I knew why she said that, here is why…

So, over the years, I have always worn clothes that are not too revealing. I am so conscious of that. However, I have had friends and my sibling speak to me about my sense of dressing. You know with the phrase, “men are moved by what they see”. So I should dress to kill and as a woman, I’ve felt I have been uptight. Maybe it was time to loosen up.

Well, this drastically affected my decisions. So, anytime my sister wants to sew for me, she tells me I dress like an old woman, hilarious… I should appear more appealing.

And the question is appealing to whom? To men… wow, although I disagreed with them most often, however, it felt my perspective could not stand against theirs. So, I conformed to their opinion.

But you know what happened? This made me even more confused because I was trapped between people’s opinions and the truth, which was for me to either appear appealing or simply appear modest.

What I have done is what psychology also refers to as the bandwagon effect. You will understand what it means as you read.

So, when I wear my short clothes, I feel uncomfortable. Angry at myself, disappointed, and confused. I mean, this is what I should have avoided if I stood my ground.

Thus, this act of folly bred quarrels and stress, because I always forced my sister to make the cloth longer, and this, of course, affected the beauty of the fabric and notably, my stance. However, I have learned my lessons now.

I think this realm is more excruciating compared to the first series. My reality was I hated revealing clothes but was afraid to face them because most people around me loved them. So, this applies to any one.

You know the truth, but you will be confused about life when you are not comfortable following the truth because you are scared to be left out.

Now to the bandwagon effect theory, according to Investopedia, “The bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon in which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their beliefs, which they may ignore or override”

Do you now understand?

Now, if this should affect me knowing the truth, how much more people that are fighting to protect opinions built on lies?

Why do you think many people still stay in a toxic relationship even after tons of advice and motivation from friends, families, and churches? Why?

How long would you hear the truth and not let it root inside of you? How long would we hear the truth and let the unbelievers talk us into leaving the truth and chasing that which alters our faith in God?

This leads me to one of my favorite quotes

“People no longer search for the truth because they have seen the lies that are in conformity with their rebellious mind and feed their wrong being.”

Why do you not want to change? Because you want to please people; Spouse, mentor, parents, children, priests, or even yourself? Look what Romans 1:25 says:

“They gave up the truth about God for a lie, and they worshipped God’s creation instead of God, who will be praised forever. Amen”

So you can know the truth and give it up to conform to lies, to save yourself from being different, hmmm.

So, in order words, if you are giving up the truth for a lie then you are worshipping people. Men are God’s creation. God is the creator himself.

Do you think people do not want to change? Of course not, we all want to change, but to embrace the truth is the problem.

We can all lay and see our homes built in a snap of a finger, doing no work. We can all lay and watch our bank accounts get fat without working for it. I fantasize, we all do (you know that feeling, you wanting to pick money, or have a billionaire dash you money for no reason) hilarious… what a world.

People are not dumb. They know the right thing to do to become better, but who would ever have the tenacity to embrace the truth undeterred?

“We all know there is more to life than what we have settled for. We all know there is more for us than what we have received. We don’t fear change; we only fear the discomfort that comes with change.”- Artsymorgan

That is why more sleep is pleasurable, that is why more food is pleasurable, that is why excessive material things are pleasant, and that is why watching movies repeatedly is more pleasurable. Name it…

But, what if you replace these acts with reading good books, reading the scripture? There is no better guide than it! This is where lasting pleasure, peace, and wisdom comes from.

The pleasure of trying to satisfy yourself or others does not last because you will go to bed at the end of the day, battling with anger, sadness, and CONFUSION about the situation. And then you ask, “why do I know what is right yet I see myself in a company of bad friends.” Why is my life like this when I know the truth?

The answer is simple; it is because you hate the discomfort that comes with embracing individuality and (the truth).

Why do people know the truth but are still confused?

We have answered this in our guide, however; we have a few simple and easy-to-digest lists for you, so read on.

  • Because they cannot stand to be left out, remember the bandwagon effect. So, we like to feel among.
  • People know the truth but are still confused because they find it hard to change their formal belief system.
  • They fear the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth.
  • Because they fear rejection.
  • Because they cannot stand to lose what they have been gaining in the lie they are living in.
  • Because they do not want to leave the belief that gives them a temporal sense of PURPOSE.

So, when next you talk to a fellow about what is good or true, you should know how hard it can be to accept the truth, even when you know it.

This would help you brace yourself, so you don’t flare up or give up. Fact is, they may get angry, but you have no right to be angry or pick up an argument.

Advantages of embracing discomfort

Research proves that discomfort is a sign of growth and progress. Do you know that discomfort calls your attention to what you are running from? Or the things you are not comfortable with.

Eckhart Tolle, the author of the power of now penned, “If there is fear you need to direct your attention to it”

  • One advantage of embracing discomforts is that it helps you to overcome your fears
  • Embracing the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth puts you in charge of who says what in your life!
  • Embracing discomfort prepares you for intentional maturity and growth
  • Embracing discomfort helps you break barriers created by people.

Disadvantages of hating discomfort that comes with the truth

  • If you hate discomfort, there are no two ways about it; you’ll be confused about life.
  • People will use you
  • You’ll lack the understanding of who you are because you are dwelling on what people say you are.
  • You’ll please people at the expense of your happiness
  • You’ll always make compromises for anything and everything.
  • God will not use you.

So if you have always seen yourself fighting discomfort instead of finding out why it is there. You’ll end up still embracing the status quo. You’ll end up fighting the truth that should liberate you.

If you fight discomfort, you’ll slowly lose yourself in the light of what people see you for, whether good or bad. If you must fight anything, let it be lies, let it not be the discomforts that come with knowing the truth! do you now see how “you hate discomfort” can add to your confusion about life?

Today’s guide answered, “How much are you willing to pay or embrace what you know?”

Final words

You hate discomfort is the second series of our topic on 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life.” Does it make sense to you now? And are you willing to the embrace discomfort that comes with knowing the truth?

Remember what you stand to lose if you decide to hold on to lies because you cannot stand to accept the truth.

So, what if you know your stance and you embrace the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth but you are still confused about life? what is the problem?

Well, our next series will expose that to you. Thank you for staying until the very end. Do you think we have started? Well, wait until you get the next series, but until then, stay safe, stay sane, and stay confident!

Wait until God deals with your dreams! Because indeed, your dreams matter to HIM. See you soon.



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  1. This is a great article. It’s always hard to leave ones comfort zone and embrace discomfort. But it’s necessary!

  2. Reading this article made me realised how confused I am, how I have allowed people’s opinions get the best of me and how scared I am to face my discomfort.
    Thank you Ma, for this light.

  3. This is an interesting series especially the” disadvantage of not embracing discomfort” i like how you are letting us know that we can choose to take a stand and that stand has to be the truth and we don’t need to join bandwagon in order to feel among. Thank you so much, am patiently waiting for the next series until then stay blessed.

  4. Highlights…..!!!!!

    Many souls including my self will find closure … and deep answers to our clouded thoughts …

    Amazing write up

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