February 23, 2024

We are delighted to walk you through this new series. And congratulations that you are a winning Christian.

But there’s still more to learn and do. It is not over until it is all over.

Now that you are a winning Christian, why are you still confused about life? Do you remember we introduced them in the last post? Can a winning Christian be confused about life? This is our first series, you are trying to figure it all out.

What do we mean by this? I am sure your mind is already going back and forth. But here’s the drill: we are humans, and when we cannot seem to place a hold on anything when something is wrong or even for direction, we tend to lose it.

This, to an extent, has something to do with doubt. We said in you are battling with self-doubt that what the mind cannot understand it fights: the where, why, who, when, what, and how.

But are you ready to unfold this series? Well, let’s see what the spirit has for us. I am excited! I hope you are, too.

What do we mean by you are trying to figure it all out?

If you have been studying our series, you’ll know exactly what we mean. What we mean by this is that when a thing does not make sense, it opens up this door of uneasiness, loss of confidence, impatience, and even anger. Suddenly, we can no longer get along with anybody or anything.

It is even worse when we have done all we must, and nothing seems to work. At this point, our conscience begins to probe us (it is always the realm of legality), so the conscience tries to make us think deeply about what should not be a problem.

So now it’s as if your past sins are ever before you again, reminding you that it is because of your unworthiness that what you are expectant of won’t come to pass.

I am reading Who told you that you were naked by Andrew Wommack, and this book is opening my eyes to many things. The conscience can condemn us to GOD, but most times, average Christians allow it to condemn them to guilt. No wonder the devil uses that against us.

How about when we get an instruction from GOD, but it looks like it’s an impossible feat? Like Moses, we begin to question our abilities. We even start to question GOD.

When we try to figure it all out, it begins to weaken our faith and strengthen fear to attack us.

How does a winning Christian become confused trying to figure it all out?

Imagine that you are struggling to maintain and live right with just a hundred thousand naira (₦100,000) as salary, but GOD tells you that you will become a billionaire or that you are already a billionaire in 6 months.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot pretend because it is questionable. If you think it is not, then tell your family about it and watch how much they make clown out of you.

Now you can relate to how Sarah felt when the angels said she would have a child at such an old age.

Now, you can relate to how Mary felt when she was told she would have a child without meeting with a man.

“How can this be since I do not know a man?”

How should we even blame the chief officer that Elisha cursed because he didn’t believe the prophecy that came to the city?

What about Noah that stood to a VISION, even when it didn’t make sense to the people? Remember that Joseph’s dream confused the brothers, too.

A winning Christian can become uneasy when a thing doesn’t seem right or when the Christian is trying to give a name and meaning to what is wrong but cannot. Many times, we land into second-guessing,

  • Oh, I think it’s really my uncle who is hell-bent on seeing me fall.
  • I have so many enemies.
  • I remember now I didn’t tithe for six months in 2021
  • Oh no, GOD must be angry at me. I fought with my husband. I have asked HIM to forgive me, but HE is still furious.
  • I think the HOLY SPIRIT has left me,  my own is finished.

So many things begin to creep back up. Do you know what this kicks us into? It gets us into CONDEMNATION. Now, our soul becomes so noisy that we cannot hear again.

Based on these thoughts, we might make decisions never backed by the HOLY SPIRIT. This leads to confusion. Trying to figure things out introduces doubt. We think it is so small of a threat, but it is really bad.

When to know that you are trying to figure it all out

You can win this war when you notice symptoms early enough

  1. You are overthinking it: I have been recently battling with a thought on how I will face a situation, but anytime I think about it, I hear, “Stop thinking about it”, and immediately I hear the word, I stop thinking about it.

When you think about things too much, you begin to reason it; before you know it, it introduces worry. I believe you understand how the Bible rebukes worry. Worry can get you so worked up that you hear unholy suggestions. You will know when this begins to happen.

  1. When you are always talking about it, always talking about a situation can ruin your waiting season. You can make a mess of the situation by constantly talking about it.

People without the knowledge of what GOD is doing can talk you out of it and not talk you through the process. People can condemn you out of GOD’S plan and into a den of confusion.

Every bad situation is not a satanic attack; every delay is not satanic, even in your worst moment, you can still be in GOD’S will.

  1. You feel unworthy or inferior to handle the instruction: when you begin to feel guilty of past sins that you have confessed, sins that GOD has forgiven you of, then you are all up in your head.

When you question your abilities and compare yourself with those you feel are worthy of GOD’S use, you are trying to figure it all out.

  1. You pray under pressure and with fear: anytime you don’t pray with peace, something is bothering you; many times, it is because you have been praying, and it’s as if the answer is not coming forth.

All these and more are how you find out you are trying to figure it out even as a winning Christian, which can lead to confusion.

Why do winning Christians try to figure it all out?

That we are winning Christians does not stop us from being humans. That we are winning Christians does not automatically delete our minds from our Christian experiences. So, now and then, we continually analyze thoughts and try to do away with them when they do not make sense.

  1. Winning Christians try to figure it all out because, many times, the situation or instruction does not just make sense.
  2. Many winning Christians try to figure it all out because they are almost forgetting that GOD’S will is not dependent on our feelings.
  3. Winning Christians try to figure the situation out because they want to explain to people the reason for the situation or the pain they are in and defend GOD’S instructions.
  4. Many winning Christians are trying to figure it out because they don’t want to appear controversial or look foolish for trusting GOD’S word with all their heart.
  5. Many times, it is also because doubt is creeping in.
  6. A Christian may give into self-will through people’s opinions or even self-opinion.

Consequences of trying to figure it all out

What do winning Christians stand to lose when trying to figure things out?

  1. When we are always trying to figure things out, we indirectly tell GOD that we are equal to HIS task, even when it does not seem like that.
  2. When we are always trying to figure it out, even as winning Christians, we lose out on GOD’S grace for provision; most times, we pay dearly for it.
  3. We often prolong our manifestation season by trying to figure it out.
  4. Trying to figure out things weakens our passion to do the will of GOD. It weakens our faith. It strengthens fear.
  5. Many winning Christians miss out on GOD’S reward by trying to figure it all out.
  6. Of course, now you know that trying to figure things out gives the enemy inroads into our lives and introduces other strange voices, which brings confusion.
  7. Trying to figure things out introduces worry and makes us subject to people’s unholy suggestions that we lose our confidence in CHRIST.
  8. Closely related to prolonging manifestation is that we get to procrastinate a lot trying to place thought on how things will be?

So, if these and more are what we stand to lose, how can we overcome this? What can we do to win this war?

What can winning Christians do to overcome trying to figure it all out?

There’s something that we must know: it is not wrong to think about things. It is not wrong to think things through. After all, the Bible asks which of you intends to build a tower, sitteth not down first and counteth the cost, whether he has sufficient to finish it? Luke 14: 28, 29

GOD gave us the mind to analyze things before concluding, but other than common sense, we would mostly deal with this life waiting on GOD for answers, instructions and directions.

Can you sincerely think of how many times you made decisions based on your thoughts and how many times it went well? I don’t know about you, but I’ve so failed that I have lost count. You are wrong if you think it’s just by not doing right. Many times, it is by not doing at all because of fear.

The Bible even records in James 4:17. “If anyone then knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is a sin for them.”

So, what’s the way out?

  1. As a winning Christian, you must learn patience and exercise it even though you just started with GOD. For people who have sincerely waited on GOD for a miracle, can you remember how long you waited?

I believe many of us might say, but we didn’t wait for this long. Well, to whom much is given, much is expected. Now we are being trained. When our faith is stretched, it is not funny.

  1. Allow GOD’S spirit to make you a strong follower. Allow GOD to make you stand firm and be deeply rooted in HIS love Ephesians 3: 16-17).
  2. Learn to trust in GOD with all your heart. I didn’t say so. The Bible commands that we do so in Proverbs 3:5-6. The Bible even says further that we should not lean on our own understanding but that we should acknowledge GOD in all our ways.

There’s no exception to what we are permitted to share with GOD. Carry your emotions to HIM, carry that bad habit, that nightmare, that crumbling relationship, the financial issues, your waiting season, and let HIM be GOD. There’s always a popular word that says, “Let go and let GOD.” Let’s learn to do that.

  1. Stop thinking about it, stop worrying over it, stop recycling the headache, the pain. It only encourages condemnation. The Bible asks in Matthew 6:27 KJV, “Which one of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his statue? And in Matthew 6:32 CEV says that “only people who don’t know GOD are always worrying about such things.”
  2. Always pray about it. Believe me. I know it is hard to hold on but ensure you have a spiritual community that joins faith with you. (James 5:13-14) remember not to pray in fear, but even if you should come in fear, lay it all down and leave in boldness.
  3. We must always maintain the heart of a child.

Imagine that you take a child with you to a function. The child asks questions the first time, after which every other question is solely based on pure curiosity. GOD needs us pure and never full of ourselves.

Advantages of not trying to figure it all out

  • It takes away fear and strengthens our faith.
  • Not trying to figure things all out helps us enjoy the grace of GOD, and even when it does not make our situation seem worse, we are still reaping the joy of our salvation and more.
  • When we try not to figure it all out, our lives become a living wonder even to us.
  • When we don’t try to figure it all out, we don’t prolong the manifestation of our rewards (it could be spiritual or material)
  • When we don’t try to figure things out, we are giving GOD control over our situation, and HE guards us jealously while doing that, which only HIM can do.
  • Trying not to figure it out makes us pass the test and get on to other seasons.


As a winning Christian, when you are trying to figure it all out, you give room for so many things that when we begin to reap the consequences, we even blame GOD. But we can do better by trusting in HIM with all our hearts.

Even as a winning Christian, you can be confused about life, but you can avert it by defining the problem. You know you can still be confused about life as a winning Christian even when you don’t try to figure it all out.

We shall reveal this in the next post. We would sincerely appreciate your comments. You can tell a story that resonates with any of the story. Your comment helps to narrow our tone and messages to you. So we can serve you better.

We can’t wait to walk you through the next post. See you soon!


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