December 3, 2023

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You are rushing progress: the fifth reason for your confusion about life

How is “you are rushing progress” another reason for your confusion about life? You will find out soon!

Now, if you pay attention to many conversations and posts, you will notice the bold thread and call for SUCCESS.

Many people are now trying everything within and even outside their power just to SUCCEED. Our society screams success, our family screams success, our neighbors scream success and now even you unknowingly scream success.

Is anything wrong with SUCCESS? Of course not! Not at all! Never! SUCCESS is good.

But do you know what happens when the call for SUCCESS is loud and resounding?

  • People will lose focus on WHO THEY ARE
  • People will begin to question their light
  • When the call for success is resounding, people will question their powerful will
  • People will begin to look for SHORTCUTS
  • In addition, many people will focus on SUCCESS that they lose focus on what truly matters.

Now, if SUCCESS is the problem, why do so many rich celebrities and even prominent people still die of depression? Why do so many people experience bipolar disorder and schizophrenia? Why do people suddenly lose interest in what makes them happy? I will tell you, it is because SUCCESS is not what we say it is.

Do you want to know what SUCCESS is? You will find out in this guide now!

So, what if you know your stance? What if you embrace the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth? So, what if you act on what you know and you practice the act of gracious NO, but you are still confused about life? What is the PROBLEM?

You are rushing progress

Hey dear!

Welcome to our fifth series on 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life.

Can I ask you these questions? It is okay if you do not know the answers to the questions yet, but just ponder on it for some time, until you get the answers to them.

  • When you make plans, do you make plans to SUCCEED like every other person?
  • When you make plans, do you make plans following what you want to achieve regarding your VISION?
  • Do you even have a VISION?
  • Do you even make PLANs?
  • And if you do, do you take it to GOD to finalize it, or do you carry it out your WAY?

Look… there is no better way to fail than not having a VISION and a plan because you will end up not doing YOU.

You will end up not succeeding. Now to the big question,

What is SUCCESS?

Please pardon me; I will quote Dr. Myles Munroe word for word. So, whatever answer you see is not from me.

  1. SUCCESS is not what you have done compared to what others have done
  2. SUCCESS is what you have done compared to what you were created to do.
  3. SUCCESS is the fulfillment of the purpose and assignment for which you were created
  4. SUCCESS is fulfillment and completion of PURPOSE.

If you have been my friend, you will attest to the fact that I invest most of my time in learning. So by now, I understand the gravity of the consequences of teaching people what might lead them to doom.

So, I am going to be so mindful of what I give you. Read the above definition again and let it sink.

If your definition of SUCCESS is nothing close to the above answers, then what is it?

Okay, let’s say success is the achievement of one’s aim or goal, which is correct, right? Read again what this great man said.

“If you don’t make it to the future that GOD intended for you, no matter how many people celebrated you, you are a FAILURE,” Dr. Myles Munroe

Hmmmm, so where is the lie in society’s definition of SUCCESS? I’ll tell you…

Society’s definition of SUCCESS is your ability to achieve your set out goals; society would say do what other successful people are doing. Find a mentor, follow your mentor’s way and you will SUCCEED.

But can I tell you? It is wrong to rely on just these definitions. They are not entirely wrong, but it would be erroneous to follow this advice if you do not know WHO YOU ARE!

Because of the notable and increasing noise to succeed, many people are jumping into who they are not. They feel that the path they are threading is taking too long to lead to SUCCESS.

So, they would rather take the shortcut.

Dr. Myles Munroe said, “The longest way to SUCCESS is to shortcut.”

Why are you rushing progress? Why are you interested in SUCCEEDING? I’ll tell you… it is just for you to live a fulfilled LIFE all to yourself and all by yourself… and there is nothing as selfish as that.

Do you know that in serving others, you find fulfillment and love? Do you not know that you are saved to serve?

Many people are more interested in the destination than they are in the journey. Do you know it is the journey that makes the destination worthwhile and memorable?

But why do people rush progress? Let’s learn.

Why do people rush progress?

  1. The number one reason people rush progress is that they direly need to SUCCEED
  2. People rush progress because they are more interested in the outcome than they are in the progress.
  3. People rush progress because society applauds success irrespective of the root of success.
  4. People rush progress because society, many families, friends, and even we ourselves COMPARE our lives with others.
  5. People rush progress because they lack PATIENCE
  6. People rush progress because they do not trust the PROCESS.
  7. Many people rush progress because they are looking for the easiest way out of LACK.

So, anytime you find yourself rushing progress, one of these reasons should resonate with you. So, what happens when you rush progress?

What happens when you rush progress?

  • If or when you rush progress, you’ll miss the lessons you should have learned
  • Progress indeed builds momentum, but if you rush progress, you will miss the equation that should replicate results.
  • When you rush progress, you cannot rise as soon as possible if things go south.
  • When you rush progress, you will only have temporal success. However, it doesn’t even count because you already FAILED.
  • When you rush progress, you’ll digress from the path GOD ordained for you and this contributes to your CONFUSION about LIFE.

Again! “Do not despise humble beginning.” Do not downplay the importance of taking baby steps. You will not regret it if you do take these things into consideration.

I understand it is hard to make the right choice at all times. But at the end of the day, you will still make a choice, right?

But the question is, what did you choose? Will you choose it repeatedly? Or will you give up on it as though it has been slippery? Do you know your stance? Can you fight to protect the truth that you know?

Are you paying too much attention to society’s demand for SUCCESS that you forget you are an important equation in the math?

Are you paying too much attention to the opinions of people that you forget you are an asset and you are nothing like them?

Are you paying too much attention to that bad report that you forget you are still LIVING?

Society has failed us; or rather, the system that society follows has failed our older generation and younger generation.

But you have the choice to live right, so are you going to live right or not? It would cost you an arm and a leg, but it is worth it.

You can still win the race without rushing progress. It is not how far you’ve gone, but how well you have done it. Remember, “Slow and steady still wins the race.”

Societal pressure is real, marital and family pressure is real, peer pressure is real, work pressure is real and even self-pressure is real too. But you can choose peace, sanity, order, and GOD above all these. Right?

I am not out of the system, we are all in the system and GOD is aware of all the pressure but remember what Deuteronomy 30:15 says, “Today I am giving you a choice, you can choose life and SUCCESS or death and disaster.”

Which one do you choose, not just by words but also by your deeds and proclamation?

Do you want to know what happens when you do not rush progress? Let’s learn…

What happens when you do not rush progress?

  • People’s SUCCESS will never discourage you
  • You will not shift from GOD’S will for you
  • Of course, you will not lose your sanity and clarity
  • And you will remain strong.
  • When you do not rush progress, distractions will not discourage you
  • When you do not rush progress, you’ll enjoy the journey
  • You will replicate SUCCESS because you spent quality time learning all there is to know about your PURPOSE.

We will write content on PURPOSE soon, hope you exercise some patience until then.

How can you stay undeterred by the noise of SUCCESS and distractions?
  1. Know who you are
  2. Know what you are created for
  3. Have a VISION
  4. Have a PLAN
  5. Present it to GOD
  6. Be disciplined
  7. Always revisit your VISION and your PLAN

Final words

In our contemporary society, so many things are bound to contribute to anyone’s confusion about life. However, with consistent knowledge of the system, you will remain standing.

Thank you for staying until the finish on “you are rushing progress” the fifth reason for your confusion about life.

We are almost done with the 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life. We all deserve a certificate of clarity after the last session, right? Hilarious…

Please always remember your dreams matter to GOD, even more than it matters to YOU. So, honor HIM by guarding your dreams jealously. Prepare for our next series on “you judge results with money”

Until we meet again, stay safe, stay sane, and stay confident! Thank you…



4 thoughts on “You are rushing progress

  1. I love this one✅
    If you rush it, you’ll ruin it… pause, pray and be patient. Trust the process👌

    Nice piece Joy, more grace🙌

  2. This is beautiful 👍
    We rush progress sometimes because our society applauds success irrespective of the root of the success.
    God bless you Morgan for this 🙏

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