December 2, 2023

A Christian can escape many enemies’ devices to introduce CONFUSION in their lives. But another thing that can cause confusion is when you are quick to share the plans of GOD with people.

I will share a mind-blowing experience with you in this guide. We hope you are patient till the end.

Many times, we get so lost in the euphoria of hearing from GOD that we ignorantly carry HIS plan for our lives to men who end up talking us out of the process or into strange things that corrupt GOD’S plan.

Many of us deceive ourselves into saying we share for clarity, but in an actual sense, we tend to do that to feel accepted, influential and respected. Many times to show that we too, hear from GOD. Although other times it could be genuinely out of pure child-like excitement, many other times, it is pride.

Are you ready to conquer CONFUSION as a Christian? Let’s learn together!

What is PLAN?

Again, let’s take a quick look at what a plan is.

  1. A plan is a set of intended activity, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal.
  2. A two-dimensional drawing of a building as seen from above with obscuring or irrelevant details, such as a roof removed or a floor of a building, revealing the internal layout as distinct from the elevation.
  3. To intend

This might look like a technical meaning, especially for the second meaning, but we will dissect it now. Let’s begin with the first definition.

To truly understand it, let’s look at the word mutual.

Mutual means;

  • Having the same relationship to each other
  • Reciprocal: meaning of a feeling, action or such; mutual uniformity felt or done by each party towards the other or others; two-way.

What do we mean by this?

Where are we driving at? This is supposed to be an interaction between you and GOD. It is mutual. It is a two-way system of operation.

So, the second definition says it’s a two-dimensional drawing of a building as seen from above with obscuring or irrelevant details such as the roof removed.

So, in this case, God reveals to you HIS plans and purposes for your life, HIS blueprint for your destiny, and it comes raw. It has a lot of vital parts, but what is not shown? The process and the finished work, just as our second definition says.

But out of excitement, you hurriedly share this unique plan of GOD with people. No wonder GOD hides the process and finished work from us. Even we ourselves are threats to HIS works in our own lives. This is a serious issue.

And by the time we share it with the most honest people, we think we are safe.

Is there anything wrong with sharing GOD’S plan with people?

No! Of course not, but did our actions come by revelation or impulse? There’s a need for transparency in our walk with GOD and men.

However, you are Abba’s delight. There’s no way you cannot have, keep and maintain an expression of you with HIM alone.

Imagine a husband sharing all the plans he has on how he would intimately indulge his wife. The thing that is meant only for the wife’s ears, but it is now the wife that reveals this to her friends and siblings. How good does it sound? It does not sound good.

So, how can you have intercourse with the Father and be quick to share it with your friends, something as divine as that?

In the case of the husband and wife, they can even share their plans with a medical doctor when the case of childbearing comes in, and they are sure their information remains confidential.

Are you now seeing where we are headed?


Have I kept to this? No, I would be a liar to say I have, but thank GOD for intimacy and rebuke from the HOLY SPIRIT.

If you still think this is a joke, here are biblical examples to back it up.

Examples of how you are quick to share the plans of GOD with people can result in CONFUSION

Let’s examine the story of Joseph and his brothers. Do you remember how GOD shared a blueprint of his destiny with him, and out of passion, he shared all without holding back instead of love? It awakened resentment in his brothers. It is not enough that he was Jacob’s favorite son, and now this?

The brothers plotted and sold him. They even intended to kill him! If GOD had revealed all the process and finished plan, then be rest assured Joseph’s story would have been entirely something else.

What about the story of the birth of our dear JESUS, how the three wise men were quick to ask questions concerning the revelation they had seen with the king? But the king sought to know with evil intentions.

Through GOD’S intervention, however, the three wise men were led away from returning to the king.

The heart of men is desperately wicked. Do you know the problem and most shocking thing? THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT HUMANS.

The deep meaning of sharing the plans of GOD

Dear reader, we are surrounded by hosts of spirits. I once read a book by Rebecca Brown on HE came to set the captive free. I am yet to recover from the impact of that book, and many times I remember the core areas I shudder.

How can a human being like you and I lay down but send her spirit to go and get information or hear people’s conversations?

Now, “when they say the walls have ears”, you really understand the deep meaning of it! And of a truth, the walls have ears.

Are you ready to hear my own experience? I hope you are.

My personal encounter with sharing GOD’S plan

So, for the longest time, I have been having dreams of seeing myself in my former school. The experiences are often scary, and of course, popular opinion is that it is stagnancy. I prayed and prayed. One of my friends also concluded it was stagnancy.

At some point, I felt I succeeded in praying them away, until my walk with GOD strengthened again, these dreams returned like they never left.

One morning, I woke up and was so disturbed I asked GOD what all this meant. And to my greatest surprise, the answer was instantaneous. HE dropped a plan in my heart, and I was so excited!

The next thing I heard was, “Do not share it with anybody.” Okay…

Well, I still got a pen and book for me to write and remember it, but again, HE said NO. I asked why, and the answers I got piled up.

  • You are surrounded by hosts of spirit
  • The walls have ears
  • You will experience doubt and fear

Amazing right? And really, it was then I began to see many possibilities more like I couldn’t wait. I even told GOD I might forget them, but HE said, “I will remind you when the time comes.”

Once, I started having doubts, and I said I never shared this with anybody, so why am I having doubts? The answer was the doubts were from me.

Dear reader, I wish we all had the privilege to hear from the HOLY SPIRIT. It is so amazing, that alone reminds you how special you are. This gives you an edge in this WORLD filled with lies, deceit and darkness.

And since then, I still have this plan locked up between me and my GOD. I remember having a similar dream but in a different scenario. I still asked if this was part of the plan. And HE said, “Yes.”

Guess what? I no longer have the recurring dreams.

A day came, and I thought maybe I was all up in my head, but the WORD of GOD strengthened my conviction.

Revelations 10:4: “After the thunder stopped, I was about to write what it had said. But a voice from heaven shouted, “Keep it secret! Don’t write these things.”

This verse again made me feel truly wanted by GOD that I desired to hear HIM more.

How do people get into the trap of sharing GOD’S plan quickly?

You see this bible passage Habakkuk 2:2; “And the LORD answered me, and said. Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

A good number of people talk of this verse that we are slowly losing the potency of this beautiful verse.

Again, if your instructions are solely based on opinion and not revelational, then you will likely fail at whatever you are trying to replicate. Just because it worked for Peter does not mean it will work for Paul. Different strokes for different folks.

That is why you get your plans and keep them with your LORD. That is a unique expression for you. You don’t have to share it with anyone who cares to listen, even at an infant stage.

Why are many Christians quick to share GOD’S plan with people

  1. They lack trust in GOD that equally builds self-trust
  2. They are faced with inferiority complex
  3. Faced with fears
  4. Christians are quick to share GOD’S plan because they are moved by impulse.
  5. Most Christians share GOD’S plan quickly because they want to feel needed and accepted.

Consequences of sharing GOD’S plan with people ‘quickly’

  1. It reduces the potency of the plan
  2. It awakens resentment in the hearts of men
  3. It raises doubts and unneeded opinions from men.“Too many cooks spoil the broth.”
  4. Sharing GOD’S plan with people many times aborts people’s destiny.
  5. When you are quick to share GOD’S plan with people, you unknowingly create hidden enemies.
  6. It results in CONFUSION.

Advantages of not sharing GOD’S plan with people ‘quickly’

  1. If you don’t share GOD’S plan quickly, you become a bible that your generation will need to read.
  2. You stand the chance to win the war of CONFUSION.
  3. When you are not quick to share GOD’S plan, you will maintain relationships without creating enemies,
  4. You save yourself countless opinions
  5. You make GOD’S plan paramount because it is not under threat because of you.
  6. GOD can trust you with more treasures because you know how to keep things for your king.


You are quick to share the plans of GOD with people, which is another reason and the sixth reason why many Christians are confused about life.

In this guide, we revealed that sharing an opinion is not necessarily bad. But if we are moved by impulse, then we should have a rethink.

Our actions should always be based on revelation; otherwise, else why are we even CHRIST-like? JESUS said, what I see my Father do, that I do also.

As Christians, we should be more determined to end CONFUSION by holding onto GOD’S plan until it comes to fruition.

Wait on the next series. See you soon!


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