February 23, 2024

When you are not learning through your pain, you recycle seasons and still get confused in your Christian experience.

Do you remember the several versions of Christians we listed in the post? Why many Christians are confused about life?

We said one of the reasons is that many Christians believe CHRIST has paid every price and, therefore, a life of pain is unacceptable.

If you believe this, then this very series is about to contradict that. Pain can be a gift if you let it.

Indeed, the most common reasons people are brutal or evil are primarily because of pain and fear of remaining in pain. So they device a means to vent it until their conscience is seared. For many others, they are good because they learn through the pain.

What is pain?

Let’s see some definitions of pain;

• An ache or bodily suffering or an instance of this, an unpleasant sensation, resulting from a derangement of functions, disease or injury by violence; hurt.

• The condition or fact of suffering or anguish, especially mental, as opposed to pleasure, torment or distress.

You might think that the first definition is very irrelevant to our teachings. But pain can come in different forms.

Let’s try and coin an acceptable definition.

Pain in this context is a great displeasure or suffering that every believer goes through, fulfilling GOD’S will.

GOD permits this experience for the purpose of maturing of the saints.

Why many Christians suffer pain

You may be tempted to ask, is that why average Christians suffer a lot? Well, it is wrong to say that Christians suffer and die in pain because they are serving GOD.

Unarguably, a greater percentage of Christians suffer pain because they are learning without coming to the knowledge of the truth. They are unaware of the power they have in CHRIST JESUS.

Hosea 4:6: my people perish because of lack of knowledge.

Many times, because of ignorance, we give the enemy inroads into our lives, and they torment us mentally and in our bodies, too.

It may surprise you that many average Christians still live in sin because they believe GOD’S grace is sufficient even amid sin, and they cannot be judged.

This is another reason many Christians are going through pain because when we don’t judge ourselves, we get judged.

But this is not the pain we are discussing, so are you ready to learn?

Why Christians must go through pain

Let’s look at what James 1:2-4 says CEV. Apostle James said, “My friends, be glad even if you have a lot of trouble. You know you learn to endure by having your faith tested. But you must learn to endure everything so you will be completely mature and not lacking in anything.”

Apostle Paul, during his works, even agreed that there were times he didn’t have all the answers, making him trust the LORD GOD the more.

• We often go through pain because we are exerting ourselves by going through things and serving GOD with our human strength. But going through pain would force us to give up our human strength, and this would allow something so DIVINE to take us up from the point we’ve come to the end of ourselves.

• Winning Christians must go through the pain, that is mostly how our faith is tested. This pain can come in the form of struggles, also this pain can come in the form of persecution—rejection from loved ones because of your faith, betrayal from friends because you are different, or conspiracy amongst colleagues to ruin you for being extra.

• We must go through pain for us to be completely mature and not lacking in anything.” Going through pain gives us this edge and sharpens our understanding.

Are you ready to delve deeper?

Let’s see Hebrews 12:11 AMPC

“For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems grievous and painful; but afterwards it yields a peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it (a harvest of fruit which consists in righteousness—in conformity to GOD’S will in purpose thought and action resulting in right living and right standing with GOD).

• Before we become great instruments in the hands of GOD, or when we are on our way to being useful, many times we display some character that is not acceptable. GOD deals with us by permitting chaotic events to happen to train us

1. You cannot be a kingdom financier and be extravagant.

2. You cannot stand or last in the kingdom when you cannot deal with your appetite or lust.

3. How can you deliver sinners when you are impatient and quick to anger?

This is the place where brokenness will transform you into a different being. GOD disciplines, and during this moment, it is excruciating. There’s nothing joyful about the moment. But I know and believe that HE grants us the grace to persevere.

Do you know another reason why Christians must go through pain?

Let’s see Hebrews 4:15 AMP, which says, “For we do not have a High priest who is unable to sympathize and understand our weaknesses and temptations, but one who has been tempted (knowing exactly how it feels to be human) in every respect as we are, yet without committing any sin.”

Although this verse was attributed to JESUS, our Savior, but because we have been called to suffer as HE did, we would have to go through trials to be made perfect.

Many times the people called into ministry often have to endure more pain than most Christians. But in the end, it is something glorious if we endure to the very last.

• Winning Christians must go through pain to be able to draw people out of what they have passed through.

I heard a young man of GOD say, “If your territory suffers lust, you will suffer lust” If your territory suffers poverty, you will suffer lack, depravity. If your territory suffers depression, you will suffer depression.

1. You don’t have the capacity to save people from what you have not been through.

It is important to know that this is not just about territory. It can also be the area of calling GOD has positioned you to occupy.

2. You cannot affect that sphere of influence GOD has called you to affect without being tempted like they are and have been tested and proven.

Before I started Young Dreams Matter, I suffered from CONFUSION. I suffered from inferiority complex. I battled with identity (at some point, it was hard to believe I could be anybody). I never believed in myself. Fear was my fourth name. I was always lost in people’s opinions and definition of self-love. I was so lost that when I got the instruction for Young Dreams Matter in 2021, I never believed it.

I questioned GOD, how can a person suffering CONFUSION write about reasons why people are confused about life.”

It would interest you to know that I suppressed the voice and thought I had won till the voice came again in 2022.

GOD is so near to us, more than we think. Now I understand you don’t have to be totally out of something to start walking people through it, and you just have to be persistently on your way out of that mess.

• We must go through pain to receive the grace and compassion to not judge or condemn people out of the pain GOD designed to make great people out of them.

• Winning Christians must go through pain to have the discernment it takes to help people through the pain rather than out of it.

I have understood from Apostle Joshua Selman’s teachings that it is often wrong to help people out of pain because you could lead them out of GOD’S will. He says that GOD often answers our prayers by leaving us in our current pain.

You cannot carry pride into GOD’S work, and you cannot carry wrong motives into GOD’S work.

Dear reader, PAIN is a gift, too.

Many times, even amid the pain and hunger for answers, HE might show you things unrelated to the pain.

Believe me when I say I know how it feels. But you and I must endure.

1 Peter 5:9b CEV says, “You know that all over the world, the LORD’S followers are suffering just as you are.

So you are far from being alone. I pray GOD gives us the grace to pass the tests we all go through.

Let’s get on with other subjects.

What does it mean for winning Christians to not learn through pain?

This is going to be very brief. For most reasons, we can call this wilderness experience.

• It means that many winning Christians are wasting their wilderness experience

• Many times, it means winning Christians are rejecting the will of GOD because it is painful.

• It means that a lot of winning Christians keep repeating the same mistake.

Why do winning Christians not learn through pain?

1. Winning Christians do not learn through pain because they are not discerning it is the will of GOD for the season. And due to this, they run to men to help them out of the pain.

2. A lot of winning Christians are not learning through pain because they have been told that it is the hand of the devil.

3. Many winning Christians are not learning through the pain because they are looking for shortcuts. They now think it is impossible to fulfill the will of GOD.

4. Winning Christians refuse to learn through pain because they believe CHRIST has paid the price and we do not need to go through pain again.

5. Many of them see pain as an affliction from evil men who do not want them to succeed. But this guide proves it is not always true.

What can winning Christians do to learn through the pain?

1. Do you now see the importance of discerning seasons? You can be in your season of trials and fail consecutively, causing you to repeat the course.

As winning Christians, we must press to discern the will of GOD for the season.

2. Christians must give GOD the space to work on us and through us.

3. Patience is a desirable virtue. So we must wear it like cloth. No wonder 2 Thessalonians 3:5 CEV says, “I pray that the LORD will guide you to be as loving as GOD as patient as CHRIST.” So learn to patiently wait in love and all humility (It will not be easy, but with GOD, all things are possible).

4. Have a spiritual community that understands your pain and does not judge you or condemn you out of GOD’S will.

5. Express your burden to GOD, HE can take away every load affecting our peace, even in trying moments.

6. Be quick to work on the character GOD is pointing to you; don’t hesitate, don’t take it lightly.

7. It is good to stay learning and always come to the knowledge of the truth. Conform to GOD’S image; don’t take any vices lightly.

8. Be extraordinarily watchful.

9. Stay married to the WORD and pray without ceasing. Have your spiritual community stand in the place of prayer, too.

Consequences of not learning through your pain

• You get to repeat painful experiences; the current pain is always more painful than the previous pain.

• You leave so many loopholes in your walk with GOD.

• When you don’t learn through your pain, you limit yourself to GOD’S use.

• When you don’t learn through pain, you will lead people into error by judging them instead of helping them through their pain.

• If you don’t learn through pain, your Christian experience becomes painful and unimaginably questionable.

• If you don’t learn through pain in your walk with GOD, you fail so many tests due to a lack of discernment.

Advantages of learning through pain

1. Learning through pain gives you the edge you need to become a strong follower.

2. Learning through pain makes your life a living testimony. GOD can boldly advertise HIS glory in your life.

3. You will most likely pass your tests during trials when you learn through pain.

4. When you learn through pain, you will not recycle painful experiences.

5. You will become a go-to person for the sphere of influence or for the territory GOD has called you to influence.

6. When you learn through pain, you prove yourself to GOD more. After all, HIS word says in Ephesians 3:21, “HIS power at work in us can do more than we dare to ask or imagine”!


Now that you have learnt that when you are not learning through pain, it can contribute to your confusion as a winning Christian. We hope you learn to allow GOD to work in you even when it is painful.

We can win this war of CONFUSION if we let GOD be GOD.

We will reveal another reason for your confusion about life, even as a winning Christian.




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