February 23, 2024

You may ask what does this now entail. Is this even good enough reason to make us confused about life? Well,

I remember listening to a message in 2021 by Apostle Joshua Selman. This message scared me into finding my purpose in CHRIST JESUS. In the message, he briefly talked about seasons. I cannot really remember. But he mentioned how our first 25 years are the morning seasons and the second twenty-five afternoons, and I felt so behind.

I also remember listening to his message on invading the system, and perhaps this was where he talked about seasons, too. But you can listen to the message to find out.

Seasons are powerful, and manifesting when we should be preparing leads us into confusion, debt and other troubles. When we prepare when we should be manifesting, this becomes a problem, too.

Let’s delve deeper!

What are seasons?

Let’s see a few definitions of seasons;

  1. Each of the four divisions of a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter
  2. A part of the year when something particular happens
  3. To habituate, accustom, or inure (someone or something) to a particular use, purpose or circumstance
  4. To become mature, to grow fit for use, to become adapted to a climate

From the definitions alone, you should understand that seasons are really important, and if or when ignored, we keep repeating them. Many times we often think that GOD permitted some circumstances, not knowing that HE is asking, ‘Haven’t you been in this same place long enough?’

Apostle Michael Orokpo, in one of his messages, says we have preparation and manifestation seasons.

Here’s my definition of seasons;

Seasons are periods that carry in them a particular atmosphere that sets the individuals involved in it up into willingly conforming to the demands required of them for that set time.

So, in other words, in preparation season, the atmosphere should carry the urge for you to want to know things; you would want to learn and discover, and you cannot think of anything but wanting to become better.

On the other hand, seasons of manifestation carry in the atmosphere the need or sense of urgency to serve, to lose yourself in service, and to be useful to GOD and men.

Don’t get this wrong. The preparation season is equally a time to serve, too. But this time, in manifestation season GOD announces to you that which you have acquired in the secret place, HE now wants you to share them.

How does not discerning seasons cause winning Christians to be confused about life?

Imagine all the things we stand to lose when the season of preparation is now what we make our seasons of manifestation.

Okay, imagine you miss out in your family during this Christmas period, when everybody has the chance to return physically and extend love. Will your missing out make us celebrate Christmas twice a year? Of course not!

I recently saw a gist. I don’t know how true it is, but a guy entered prison in 2008 and recently just got released and decided to revisit the popular chat platform 2go (a chatting platform where youngsters meet and chat), but he asks why everybody is offline on the platform.

The season of 2go has come and gone. And coming out of prison will not suddenly take us back in time to experience those.

  • Not discerning seasons can prolong our Christian experience, either our preparation season or manifestation season.
  • When we don’t discern seasons, we are most likely to take lightly many seasons that should be taken seriously.
  • When winning Christians do not discern seasons, they make many overwhelming mistakes trying to give in to pressure.
  • The loopholes of seasons we miss can attack us when it is finally time to manifest.
  • Missing out on seasons forces us to wait another season, and if we still don’t get it right, it frustrates us.

Why do many Christians not discern seasons?

When you analyze the number of believers or men of GOD that GOD is using tremendously, you will discover that many winning Christians are still operating in error.

  • Many Christians are still confused about life and not discerning because they are ignorant, even in the subject called seasons.
  • A lot of winning Christians are confused about life because, in their waiting season, they think GOD has deserted them.
  • Many Christians cannot discern seasons because they are not fully in the will of the LORD.
  • You are not discerning seasons because you are afraid to fully embrace your vision, purpose or calling in CHRIST JESUS.
  • Also, it is possible that you now know your calling, but you are refusing to conform.
  • Many winning Christians do not discern seasons because they care less about GOD’S plan and purposes for their lives. They are only interested in the outcome more than they are interested in the process.

There should be a lot of other reasons why many winning Christians are not discerning seasons. But how can winning Christians begin to discern seasons?

How winning Christians can begin to discern seasons

  • First, it starts with this sense of urgency, knowing that we have wasted too much time and need restoration and grace to not be overwhelmed by the answers we get.
  • For Christians to discern seasons, it must start with a genuine motive to know the will of GOD. We must first begin to ask the right questions.

So, asking the right questions helps us to discover our purpose.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where am I from?
  3. Why am I here?
  4. What can I do?
  5. Where am I going?

Dr Myles Munroe and Apostle Joshua Selman share same line of thoughts in this.

  • Winning Christians can begin to discern season by asking GOD and aligning when we get answers.
  • We can begin to discern seasons by being and staying connected to a spiritual community because even as GOD deals largely with us, individually, we can engage seasons by staying connected to a spiritual community. GOD would then deal with us to the degree we conform to the demands of the season.
  • Winning Christians can learn to discern seasons by staying connected with GOD in word study and prayer.
  • To discern seasons, we must submit to the demands of the HOLY SPIRIT.

What happens when we discern seasons? Let’s find out what we stand to gain when we discern seasons

Advantages of discerning seasons

Seasons are so powerful that when we discern them, they answer many questions and strengthen us to remain in faith. I could be in my preparation season and be itching to manifest because other persons are in their manifesting season, and that is wrong.

But all this strife happens first because we are ignorant of seasons, and other times, it could be that we are being stubborn about going through the seasons.

We stand to gain a lot when we discern seasons.

  1. It changes our perspective towards growth or purpose that we begin to understand more why GOD allows us all to go through almost similar situations that are still unique to us.
  2. When we discern seasons, it ends a lot of challenges that yield frustrations and unfruitful struggles.
  3. When we discern seasons, we no longer struggle with forcing GOD’S will that’s not meant for the season into manifestation.
  4. When we eventually discern seasons, we stop repeating seasons from which we should have graduated.
  5. When winning Christians discern seasons, we are quick to fulfill GOD’S will because we are always in alignment. This is especially true for those who conform immediately.
  6. When we discern seasons, we will know when many things should end or start in our lives. Then, we can either pray them into manifestation or out of our lives.
  7. Discerning seasons challenge other average Christians to not just make themselves available but also fight to remain useful by equally discerning seasons.
  8. Discerning seasons also saves men of GOD from the stress of running after some of the members when they stop attending services, as many of them are not making themselves available to just fulfill all righteousness but because they know it is not just about the pastor or man of GOD but about them too. This strikes a balance.

Let’s say you refuse to discern seasons, or you become adamant about the prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT. What would happen?

Consequences of not discerning seasons

  • When we don’t discern seasons, we become a burden to people we should be useful to.
  • When we don’t discern seasons. We end up escorting people to their destiny and never get into ours.
  • When we don’t discern seasons, we lose the reward that each season carries.
  • Not discerning seasons can frustrate our lives and make us seek to do things other ways.
  • If we fail to discern seasons, we impatiently act on pressure and triple our struggles and pain
  • If we fail to discern seasons, we limit ourselves and parade in and around the realm of mediocrity.
  • When or if we refuse to discern seasons, we become a life lesson for others to learn from.

We can avert all these by aligning. We can avoid difficulties by discerning seasons.


When you are not discerning seasons, plenty of things can go wrong and affect your walk with GOD. And this demand results in confusion. It is up to us to conform to the demands each atmosphere carries so that we will not fail GOD, our generation, our family and ourselves.

We owe everyone the honor to conform to GOD’S will, which is always translated in seasons; otherwise, we stand to lose a lot. However, when we give into discerning seasons, we then make GOD’S work easier for HIM.

Let’s wait for the next post to learn another reason you and I can be confused about life, even as winning Christians.


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