December 3, 2023

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You are not acting on what you know: the third reason for your confusion about life

Hey dear!

You are welcome to another series on our topic 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life. And today we are in the third series, yeah!

I am excited. Are you excited?

We have walked past knowing your stance and facing the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth. Let’s move over to the next level. Are you ready? Well, I hope you are…

So now, you know your stance and you embrace the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth. However, another possible reason for your confusion about life is the fact that you are not acting on what you know. This will answer why most people are unsuccessful too.

You are not acting on what you know

Imagine that you have learned how to play a game and your instructor helped you walk past the first and second levels, so now you are bagged with the knowledge of how to play the game. However, when you don’t play the next level in the game, would you be able to walk past that level? No, right…

So, even your requisite knowledge of playing the other levels is not enough to open another level for you to play. And until you play that level, you will not play another level.

Now let’s bring it down to our topic for today…

In the book 21 foolish things people do, Pst. Paul Enenche penned, “Knowing alone is not wisdom that is intelligence. To know what to do and do what you know is wisdom.”

So, if you have learned the truth, understood the truth, and embrace the discomfort that comes with knowing the truth, but you do not act on what you know, you will still be confused about life.

“Now, that ye know all these things, happy are you if you do them,”—John 13:17

So, the blessings do not just lie in knowing or understanding the truth; it lies in doing. Knowing and understanding the truth is only a prerequisite to acting on the truth. In order words, that you know is not a guarantee that it will be beneficial to you, until you act!

This seems contradictory to what we discussed in the previous series, right? But this is the truth. You cannot walk around it.

Nowadays, we see many knowledgeable people, but it is not showing in their lives; well this is the answer to it. They pride themselves on what they know. You won’t be able to teach them because they know more than you do. However, there is nothing to show for it, respectfully speaking.

Do you know what wisdom is? Wisdom is the application of the truth or information that you understand.

This is even a cure for lack of SUCCESS.

I learned this from a notable sales expert Myron Golden on why are so many of God’s people broke.

What it means to know and do. He said, “Don’t be, can’t do, and can’t have”. Now let me break it down for you…

“If you don’t know the truth, you cannot come into a full realization of who you are, and if you don’t come into a full realization of who you are, you will not be able to use what you have (your potentials) to serve others and also create wealth.” Your VALUE is in what you have and can give!

So, your knowing and understanding do not save you from the wrath of poverty. In fact, you do not differ from people who do not know. Because you have learned the truth that should take you many paces away from the situation you are in, but you choose not to act.

You know what is going to happen; you might see some kind of changes in people’s countenances towards you. They might even respect you for what you know or understand. However, it is only time before you realize you are growing old without letting what you know to bear good fruits.

Knowing and understanding the truth is the key to SUCCESS. However, the application of the truth that you understand unlocks the door to several levels. Remember our illustration about playing a game. Right…

What does acting on what you know to do?

So, since knowledge takes away fear and emboldens you, what does acting on the truth do? Simple, acting on the truth empowers you to do more, acting on the truth gives you more confidence to learn more and this makes you an authority.

In order words, the question is no longer what you know or how much you know what you know, but how much you are doing what you know.

You see, I have had my fair share of this confusion; I know what it means to be in utter confusion without the knowledge of who you are or what you are called for, and it is not a pleasant situation. That is why it is not okay to stay confused about life.

So, many people learn and understand the truth and then try to frustrate what they know by blaming the system, irrespective of the fact that they never acted on what they know.

So what is the cure to being confused about life, even when you know all there is to know?

Act on what you know- the cure to being confused about life

Pablo Picasso penned, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” So start acting on what you know.

Whatever your hands find doing, if you have learned and understood them, then execute, execute and execute with brutal focus. See our guide on 6 important requirements for growth to understand brutal focus.

It is not enough showing up; it is not enough learning and understanding. What is the essence of knowledge if not in the application?

So, you know how to teach, but people do not know you teach and at worst, they are suffering, not knowing what you know. You sit and watch them gamble with their money and destiny. You sit and watch them invest in Ponzi schemes. They direly need help, they are confused, yet you do not see your value.

Knowing and understanding your value is never enough. Do people know your VALUE? Why are you hoarding that which should free others and make you outstanding? Remember, can’t do, can’t have.

“If you act on what you know you would produce results based on what you do in respect to what you know.”

For many of us, this is what is holding us back. It is overwhelming knowing so much, yet you cannot put it to work.

There is nothing I would say that you have not heard before; it’s just that you have not been paying attention. This leads us to the next section…

Why do people not act on what they know?

Would you believe that you already know why people do not act on what they know? Let me prove it to you by bringing you to remember them. Read on!

  • For many reasons, many people still do not act on what they know, because they are scared to be seen
  • Many people do not act on what they know, because they are too distracted with social media, gadgets, and what have you. You should understand what digital detox is all about.
  • Many people do not act on what they know because they feel people will not recognize them
  • Other people will not act on what they know because they have replaced good works with foul deeds.
  • People do not act on what they know because they keep postponing the application date.
  • More so, people do not act on what they know because they believe others are better than they are.

Do you know that doing must not include you exerting yourself doing menial jobs or other demanding works? Doing could just be avoiding activities that do not help your growth; it could mean seeing opportunities that seem rewarding, yet you avoid them in order to do what needs to be done.

Doing could simply mean avoiding unrewarding relationships for the sake of your sanity. Doing could mean avoiding young people’s advice to seek the advice of older people.

Remember what happened to Rehoboam in the Bible? Read 1 king 12: 4-19.

Doing could mean to do less of what distracts you from knowing your true being; doing what makes you seek the TRUTH with all your heart!

Flashback: Remember my encounter with my sister? Do you know if I had insisted on the length of my dress I would not be confused? “Action speaks louder than words”.

Acting on what you know- a sure way out of confusion

So, you boast you know you have learned graphic designing. What are you waiting for before you act on it? You do not have a computer…

Well, continue to visit a cybercafe to keep what you have learned intact, and offer to design for people for FREE. Offer to teach people too!

Don’t lie around and forget about all you have learned. Would you believe I used to know to how design well? But today, I cannot even understand the tools in CorelDraw. Let this not be your story.

So, you’ve learned copywriting and content writing, but you are never earning with it. What is wrong? You do not meet clients to give you gigs. Write for people freely. Have you learned of Fiverr and Upwork? I don’t find clients there, but it is a good place to start.

You have learned the truth and embraced the truth. What are you waiting for before you act on it?

What if I show you 4 ways to stay motivated? Well, hold on… I think you don’t lack motivation, you only lack discipline. What motivated you today might not motivate you tomorrow. But, the difference is self-discipline.

So act now! Don’t do it tomorrow. Start already!

If I didn’t act, if I continued to give countless excuses like Moses, then you wouldn’t be reading this content.

Join a group, take part, learn, understand, and then execute and execute! Do not wait for validation. You will make mistakes, however, wouldn’t you learn from them?

You cannot remain that way. The demand for communication and VALUE is transforming. So act now.

Myles Munroe said, “Two things that you can never have control on is TIME and CHANGE.” How many times have you promised yourself to act? Don’t just preach to people about your skills, prove it! Repeatedly!

“Action speaks louder than words.”

Do you think you are not good enough? Kill that thought now. Good enough for who? Only men… dare to act! Not tomorrow, but now!

It is okay if nobody trusts your able hands now. You are a CHAMPION for acting now.

Being around is not enough, learning and understanding are not enough. Having grace is not enough! The question is, are people benefiting from your VALUE? Are people benefiting from your GRACE? Are people growing from your POTENTIAL?

Look, don’t wait for another to do that which you should have done! It will belittle you; you will still feel left out. So, be the first, and know you will not be the last because you will replicate people like you!

Pay for those courses, to increase your worth. Help yourself first. Please do it now, a generation is trusting your able hands. Get off your comfort zone.

And for anybody that is slowly losing hope because it seems their actions are almost futile. It is time to have a rethink, and check your steps, “you have paid too much attention to what you are doing, now pay attention to how you are doing it.”

Rededicate your business to God, too. If it is not God’s will for you, then reconsider your ways and if it is His will, then sincerely seek answers and pray over it. Don’t put it off for tomorrow.

Do not say the business is too small, “do not despise humble beginning.” Prove yourself with the little you are doing and see if GOD’S finger would not lift you.

You cannot condemn alcohol, but you still stay around friends that drink too much. “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

You cannot be in a toxic relationship when you know your sanity is under a threat, depression is real. Leave now.

Act now, it will not be easy letting go of the thing you have held onto for a while, but you are holding onto lies, so unapologetically, leave it. Who says it is going to be easy? Remember, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

“If you pray for the rain, you would have to deal with the mold too.” Washington Denzel (the equalizer)

I need this motivation too, more than that, I need discipline. We all do!

Be prepared to lose a handful of friends because of your fresh path. However, always remember, “If God be for you, who can be against you?”

If God has put it in your heart to leave your environment, then like Abraham obey without questioning Him, leave now. Be quick to do God’s will.

Your lifting is in acting on what you know. You cannot walk around it, walk under it, or fly above it; you can only walk through it.

It will be uncomfortable but brace up; after all, you want to WORK through LIFE in the boldness of mind and with PRECISION.

Maybe you don’t seem motivated by these words. So, let’s say you want to continue laying back and not act on what you know. Read on to find out the consequences of not acting on what you know.

Consequences of not acting on what you know

  1. If you are not acting on what you know, you will be confused about LIFE.
  2. You will remain where you long to leave
  3. You will be exposed to condemnation because people will surely make fun of you and your current level, even with all you know.
  4. The younger ones will rise and do what you should have done.
  5. You will pay to relearn what you already know to people that once learned from you for FREE. Oh, God… please do not let that happen.
  6. You will slowly give into despair, and then the devil will then whisper things like, you being useless and an invalid, and then SUICIDE. Shame him today, by acting now!
  7. If you are not acting on what you know, you will end up living an unfulfilled life
  8. You will disappoint GOD, your generation, your family, and YOURSELF.

Advantages of acting on what you know

  • When you act on what you know, it empowers you to know more. ‘deep calleth onto deep”
  • When you act on what you know, you become an authority, a go-to person for that subject, and then it empowers you to teach others, too. And like that, you become a mentor! wow…
  • When you act on what you know, you unlock doors for other levels. Remember our illustration at the beginning of our guide.
  • When you act on what you know, you are many steps away from the web of CONFUSION and the slaughterhouse of depression.

Okay, that’s it! In today’s guide, we talked about how much you are doing the truth that you know and have embraced.

Final words

Congratulations on finishing our third series on 8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life. Today we treated “you are not acting on what you know”

So, ensure you live every day of your life with this sense of urgency. Quit living a consequence-free life. How you are today is because of the decisions you took before now. So, reconsider your ways.

Remember, now that ye know all these things, happy are you if you do them.

Do you think acting on what you know is all there is to know and then you are free from confusion? Well, wait for the next series. Thank you for staying until now. Always remember that your dreams deserve nothing but your focus and commitment.

Let’s do this again on Saturday, this time by 10 am





14 thoughts on “You are not acting on what you know

  1. Young dreams matter is a true blessing to our generation, Thank you Ma.

    Question: in a situation where we feel we haven’t known/ learned enough to be able to give out or impact people, are we still confused about life?

    1. You are welcome Fortune dear, If you find yourself in situations where you think you have not learned enough for you to impact people, you should know that you have transcended from a confused mind to a curious mind. Read “Is it okay to be confused about life?” you cannot be confused if you seek diligently to become better.

      However, at whatever level you find yourself in, you are useful, so, offer yourself to act of services because in serving others you find your purpose. Just as I am serving you. Thank you for questioning the system. And again read “is it okay to be confused about life?”

    2. One Testimony of one of our adernt readers:

      Thank you Daddy for this link.
      This study is quite interesting and an eye opener to things I personally not seen necessary as far as life is concerned. I now know that:

      1. wisdom is acting on the things acquired or learned.

      2.To avert yourself from confusion about life one must act on what he knows. To learn and understand the truth, it’s a must you will embrace the difficulties that comes with it and act on them. (the keyword here is ACT). This simply means that learning is not complete without application.

      3.One’s value lies on what he has and can give. because no one gives what he does not have.

      4. No matter how knowledgeable one is without application, he stands at the same space with unlearned.

      5. It also emphasizes on acting now not later or after ( procrastination).

      6. This shows that knowledge acquired without application can be toxic because you will end up in confusion, depression and death etc.
      Thanks and God bless you sir.
      -Sis Chinwe.

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