February 23, 2024


Another reason you can be confused even as a Christian is because you are losing focus on your VISION.

What happens when a speck of dust enters even one of your eyes? It does not just raise discomfort, but it interrupts your motion. You must halt to attend to your eye.

That’s how critical the eye is. Your eye shows or gives you things to focus on. You can say the same thing for VISION. Your vision is the reason for your starting, continuing and even finishing in service, even in your life.

So, if all is said and done, but you are still confused, then it is because you’re losing focus on the vision.

No wonder the Bible says where there’s no VISION, my people perish—Proverbs 29:18

Are you ready to drive confusion of your Christian experience?

What is VISION?

Before we delve into the intense part of our learning, let’s understand the word VISION.

  1. Vision is the sense of ability of sight
  2. An ideal or a goal toward which one aspires
  3. To imagine something as if it were to be true.

I had to listen to a long message by Apostle Michael Orokpo on the emergence of vision so that you and I will understand how the loss of vision contributes to our CONFUSION about life.

He said, “Vision is a supernatural ability for one to see what others cannot see.”

Vision is essential, and it is the reason we are here. GOD sees problems, knows their solutions, and encodes the solutions in each of us and then sends us here to solve them.

What happens when the vision is not fulfilled? There’s another recycling of the problem. Vision is the essence of our living.

Martin Luther King Jr said, “A man is not fit to live if he has nothing to live for.”

VISION GIVES US AN EDGE IN THIS CHAOTIC WORLD. The impact of the loss of vision is lethal because it is our driving force. It is what keeps us going.

How does loss of vision contribute to our confusion as Christians?

Closely related to forgetting GOD’S WORD is loss of focus on the vision. When you lose focus on your vision, you lose the unique expression of GOD in and through your life.

This vision can also boldly be referred to as purpose.

Visions are powerful. Vision gives you the confidence that you need to stand out and remain outstanding. However, when you lose focus on your vision, you become so average that you lose yourself in people’s vision.

Visions separate us and give us the capacity to birth things that have not been and, even if they have been our unique expression makes them different now.

Throughout the Bible, visions are what separate powerful men from the crowd. Let’s see the examples of our claim, shall we?

Examples of how visions separated men in the Bible

Do you remember the story of Noah? How GOD told him of HIS plans to destroy the earth with a flood and that he should build a boat.

Noah heard from GOD and saw what others couldn’t see, and that separated him so much that he spent over 100 years constructing a boat!

You see, in the last few months, even when I had started Young Dreams Matter, I experienced this dormancy that drove me back into the shell of irrelevance, inferiority complex and even CONFUSION. Nothing sat right with me until I began to say the prayer.

GOD, you see that VISION that separated Noah from the crowd? Please give me the same vision.” I prayed it like a child indeed in need of food.

How can a man stay diligent in a course for 100 years!?

What about Abraham? “Leave your country, your family and your relatives and go to the land that I will show you.”

So, Abraham gets up and leaves for a land he doesn’t know. But today, tell a man where to go. Let’s say go to Kaduna, I have a mission for you there. The man shuns the voice and travels to the UK. After years of sweating decides to run back to GOD for restoration.

This is so troubling; check how the men of old were instantaneous in answering GOD. But we? We make fun of everything and still blame GOD for being GOD!

Imagine that you are GOD for a moment and know the end from the beginning; you know how your family’s life will end, and of course, you begin to talk to the one that has the little ability to hear. Still, they refuse to act immediately, and even when they finally do, it contradicts what you said.

How will you feel? I can only imagine, my heart is embittered even at my previous faults and foolishness. We keep failing at pleasing our ONE TRUE GOD.

CONFUSION is inescapable when we lose focus on the VISION GOD gives us.

Why do most Christians lose focus on their VISION?

  • Inability to maintain a strong relationship with the ONE who gave the VISION

So, GOD can bless you with ten million naira and out of excitement, you lose a taste of his presence in your hunger and chase for pleasure.

  • Most Christians lose focus on their vision because they are carried away with the fun of it.
  • Most Christians lose focus of their vision because of distractions.

You can start right with GOD, but mix it up with pleasure and activities and lose the potency of the vision.

  • Many Christians are wallowing in confusion after they have an enviable auction on their head. Why? Because they have been deceived.

I watched the pilgrim’s progress and could not but notice how the devil lured Christian out of the mission even when the vision was clear.

People can deceive you into believing lies that look like truth. You can rise, but you get visitation from strange people to be a part of their vision, and you lose your bearing.

I read a book by Mike Murdock on The assignment and see how he successfully bypassed many open doors that would have truncated his VISION.

What business do you have with a network marketer as a pastor if there’s any deceit in what they do or if GOD has not instructed you to be a part of it?

Once we make it, we no longer meticulously guard our anointing.

As for me, I accepted a job offer because I thought of how it would have raised Young Dreams Matter. I prayed about it but never got a confirmation. I just moved on my own! What I experienced, I cannot fully express.

  • Most Christians lose focus of the vision because of acts of persecution or material things have persuaded them.
  • Other Christians lose focus of vision because they take pride into it.

For the case of distraction, I recently started attending a discipleship class here in Enugu, and this place is everything my heart ever wanted. As a matter of fact, for the first time, my heart stopped searching.

But all of a sudden, I realized I was now more interested in coming to see a particular people that I was slowly losing my pure intentions.

I can search for the date on a faithful Sunday, but it is irrelevant. During prayers, I heard in my spirit, “What is your reason for continuing service? Is it the same reason you started?

I tried to wave the words, but they came up repeatedly, and I began praying. No prayer point made sense to me apart from what I was praying.

Look, GOD is so serious with us and always speaks when we least expect and about things we think we are too smart about. Hilarious. Do you sincerely want to maintain your focus on your VISION?

How can a Christian focus on the VISION?

  1. Maintain a strict and enviable relationship with GOD.

Note: This does not mean you won’t be flexible with GOD. The way GOD moved today is not the same way HE will move tomorrow. But be so strict that you don’t permit a distance that steals your peace and joy in HIM.

  1. Trust in the LORD in all things, even if it doesn’t make sense. Proverbs 3:5-6

Didn’t the Bible say that our wisdom is like foolishness to HIM? He said, “We should not lean on our own understanding.” I don’t know how to say it, and it makes sense. YOU AND I ARE SO USELESS WITHOUT GOD. HE gave you a will, yet the will is never ours because whether you will it to HIM or not, you are under the influence of something, but the question now is, WHAT IS INFLUENCING YOU? WHAT DIRECTS YOUR STEPS?

  1. Always submit your heart to HIM for a check. The heart of men is desperately wicked and can change yours. You can become wicked without you knowing it. I learnt this by listening to heart check by Apostle Arome Osayi. Your heart posture can either speak rebel or total submission.
  2. Keep your altar burning to keep your vision running.
  3. Resist bad influence. It corrupts good manners.
  4. Involve visionary men, too. Do not get people because they are family members. LIFE IS TOO SHORT AND SERIOUS for the recycled dilemma.
  5. Be quick to revisit the blueprint of your destiny.

Consequences of losing your focus on the VISION

  • Your operation is no longer on grace, and it becomes mechanical.
  • You lose a taste of who you truly are.
  • When you lose your focus on the vision, you lose your relevance.
  • When you lose your focus on the vision, you become a puppet for other spirit entities.
  • You would lose your joy in your walk and work with GOD.
  • Losing focus on your vision drives you into a confused state.
  • When you lose your focus, you become available to anybody and everybody.

Importance and advantages of focusing on your vision

  1. Visions keep your outstanding
  2. Vision separates and makes you a peculiar person.
  3. Focusing on the vision eliminates distractions
  4. You work with grace assigned for that vision to come into manifestation.
  5. Focusing on the vision drives CONFUSION off your slate.
  6. You become truly a transformation agent,
  7. Focusing on the vision will allow you to detect the mission; the route only changes when there is a loss of focus.


When you are losing focus on your VISION, nothing seems to make sense anymore, and you begin to lose your relevance. You even become a parasite; you now focus on everybody’s business.

You even begin to seek attention, and you lose your self-respect. What I am saying is the truth because I experienced it!

Whatever you do, try not to lose focus on the VISION; it is the vision that powers your mission. So guard it jealously. Mike Murdock said in his book The Assignment that you should be obsessed with your vision.


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