February 23, 2024


You know, many times, GOD can so bless and lift us that we now think it’s only because of the vision HE has given us. In most cases, this act leads to pride and neglect towards GOD.

Do you remember how King Uzziah was marvellously helped by GOD, after some time, King Uzziah became proud, which led to his downfall. (2 Chronicles 26: 1-23)

When you pay too much attention to your vision more than you should give GOD, it begins to lift your heart unto pride. Now, you would only see what people say about your vision more than what GOD says.

Are you ready to learn how you are beginning to idolise your vision, results in confusion? Hopefully you are!

What does it mean to idolise your VISION?

In the previous series on 8 undeniable reasons for Christian’s confusion about life, in the seventh series, you are losing focus on the vision; we defined vision.

For the sake of remembrance, let’s just see the overall meaning of vision.

Meaning of vision: Apostle Michael Orokpo states, “Vision is a supernatural ability for one to see what others cannot see.”

Vision sets you apart and gives you an edge in this chaotic world. The bible even says that the people perish where there’s no vision. However, when we begin to idolise the vision GOD used to set us apart from the world, we make a mockery of HIM.

GOD is everly bigger than any vision anybody has, and HE is not impressed that you are now at the top and have invested so much time in the vision. HE has given you the grace to, remember?

What does it mean to idolise your VISION?

  • To idolise your vision is to choose your vision even when you should choose GOD.
  • To idolise your vision is to only acknowledge or mostly acknowledge the vision more than the GOD that gave you the vision.
  • You are idolising your vision when you replace the place of GOD in your life. You may not know or see it, but your priorities would say or reveal that.

One of my pastors, Pastor Chima Ogenyi, said in his teachings, “Anything that is more important to you than GOD is your god.”

  • You are also idolising your vision when you can now make decisions for yourself, knowing fully well you got where you are following every GOD’S direction.

So, you can be way up high and still get yourself in big trouble by indirectly forsaking the LORD your GOD.

The aforementioned can also be signs that you are idolising your vision.

  • More so, you are idolising your vision when you now go around defending it. Of course, your rising will attract a lot of good and bad things, but now, leaving the most important things to defend the vision shows that you no longer trust GOD’S ability to defend HIS course.

How does idolising our vision make us confused about life, even as winning Christians?

To idolise something means that you now begin to worship or revere it in a sinful manner. It is okay to prioritize our vision over many times, and it takes daring and controversial decisions that might seem to leave us on the end of the rope.

But when you even choose your vision over GOD, it results in issues.

  • Idolising your vision would open your heart to so many ungodly things. When your heart is not consistently submitted to GOD, then it is only time before you know how desperately wicked the heart of man is.
  • Idolising your vision attracts many vices and bad things in the guise of good things. You often won’t notice this until you have engaged in many ungodly things and genuine experiences.
  • Visions are so powerful. Imagine the kind of encounter Noah had that made him stay faithful to a course for years. But idolising this vision makes us take GOD away from the equation and allow room for strange things.
  • Giving or replacing GOD’S place with the vision HE gave you introduces you to self-appraisal and self-glorification. This is not just light because long before we know it, we grow in pride, jealousy and unnecessary anger.

Why do many winning Christians idolise their vision?

Arguably, most winning Christians often do not know they are idolising their vision. This, however, is true when the act is still at the early stage.

  • Many Christians may idolise their vision because they are giving room to alternatives.
  • There’s this hunger for more that comes when people start acquiring things. All of a sudden, we begin to notice tendencies that we never thought we had.

So, I can stay with a broken and lowly heart, and when I begin to taste GOD’S abundance materially, and otherwise I now begin to idolise my vision. I pray this is not our portion.

This hunger for more can translate to unholy desperation to no longer wait on GOD for divine provision. So, many winning Christians idolise their vision because they want their vision to pave other ways for them.

  • Many winning Christians idolise their vision because they are now more drawn to what men have to say than what GOD has to say.
  • It is also possible that many winning Christians idolise their vision because they have allowed people to worship them with pride and, many times, complacency. Complacency can give the “I have arrived mentality.” It nudges people into a state of dormancy and inactivity, and when they finally realise how much they need to catch up on the bit to do this, they put their hands into ungodly things.

What can winning Christians do to not idolise their vision?

So long as we are on this journey to greatness, we will be tested by many things that drag our feet, trying to make us drift from the will of GOD.

  1. We should allow GOD to patiently deal with us, purging away everything that is not of HIM. It does not happen once in a lifetime, but every day. We must constantly give up the desires that cause us to sin.
  2. We must pay attention to rebuke. I pay attention to what people say these days; often, all I get is, “You are too serious”. But you cannot help but be very intentional when you hear bad remarks from people. Once the remarks come three times, I quickly ask myself troubling questions.

People often do not know that GOD is speaking to them through other persons. So, don’t be quick to defend yourself. Just begin to ask GOD and get a confirmation.

  1. Give heed to the warnings of the spirit: imagine I didn’t take familiarity GOD warned me about seriously. What would have been my state now?

There was a time I noticed I was becoming harsh because I felt overly free and too considerate towards people, I easily got hurt. So, I was angry in my spirit, and the only way I could relieve myself was to be harsh.

I knew it was bad, but I couldn’t help myself. But in no time, I started hearing in my spirit, vile, vile, vile. It was so repetitive that I had to search for the meaning.

Here’s the meaning: morally low, base, despicable

  • Despicable means fit or deserving to be despised, contemptible, or mean.

What stood out for me was mean. It is morally low and was affecting my communication with people.

I gave heed and allowed GOD to deal with it.

  1. What can you still do to overcome idolising your vision? Apostle Joshua Selman would always say that we should make up our mind that there’s nothing that GOD gives us that we cannot give up. He always uses himself as an example.

He also advises that we make decisions that everything GOD gives us stays outside us. Allowing things into our hearts can be dangerous.

  1. Challenge every suggestion that comes your way and every thought that tends to introduce you to bad experiences.
  2. Allow GOD to deal with every action of ours that HE deems wrong. Our actions can often be so right that we don’t even know our motives were wrong. But we must develop the fortitude to allow GOD to discipline us.
  3. We must always ask for GOD’S permission for everything that we do. No matter how high we get in HIM, we are still HIS children and will always need HIS directions to remain relevant.
  4. We must judge ourselves and get our walk with GOD right when we miss it. 1 Corinthians 11:31 KJV says, “For if we judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” AMP says, “But if we evaluate and judged ourselves honestly (recognising our shortcomings and correcting our behavior), we would not be judged.”

So, we must always examine ourselves. Go for retreat and let GOD reveal who we are at the moment and make amends before we leave ourselves to be judged. It is not a good one.

Advantages of not idolising our vision

  1. When we don’t idolise GOD’s vision, we will continue to raise the bar and perfect what GOD has started in our lives.
  2. We give room for GOD to reward us spiritually, physically and materially.
  3. Not idolising GOD’S vision or purpose keeps at bay everything that GOD has not desired for us. Remember, HIS thoughts towards us are that of good and not evil, says Jeremiah 29:11. Also, remember that our desires drive us into sin, say James 1:14.
  4. When we don’t idolise our vision and purpose, we block the inroads the enemies would have used to access our lives.
  5. When you and I give up our vision to the ONE who gave it to us, we continue to enjoy the grace that makes the vision easier even as we raise the bar.
  6. We gain another ounce of clarity when we don’t idolise our vision.

Consequences of Idolising Your Vision

  1. Idolising our vision takes away our genuine love for the things of GOD
  2. We stand to lose GOD’S divine direction, and this drives us into bobby traps and CONFUSION.
  3. You will corrupt the grace of GOD in your life when you idolise GOD’S vision
  4. Idolising your vision can close many good and open doors to the enemy.
  5. Idolising your vision affects your walk with GOD to a huge extent; it drives you away from HIS will.
  6. When you idolise your vision, you become proud, which brings downfall.
  7. You stand to walk alone, unassisted by the HOLY SPIRIT.

So, we always press to receive grace to not idolise GOD’S vision


As a winning Christian, you may be in confusion because you are beginning to idolise your vision.

Remember, “Anything that is more important to you than GOD is your god.” Pastor Chima Ogenyi.

You can win this war by agreeing that this might be the reason you are confused about life or not enjoying your Christian experience.

Let’s all allow GOD to be GOD by reverencing HIM in Spirit and truth.

Wait for the next post as we reveal the next possible reason why many winning Christians are confused about life.

Hasta luego! (Spanish word meaning, see you later) smiles.




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