December 3, 2023

Are you a believer? Are you full of life and believe GOD’S word for your life? Since you already believe, why do you still experience CONFUSION? The reason is because you are battling with self-doubt or doubt generally.

Remember, we said in the other post that unbelief is the number one culprit for Christian’s CONFUSION about life. But the brother to unbelief is doubt. Both words might seem the same, but they are not.

Let’s see how self-doubt robs us of our clarity in thought and introduces us to confusion, delay, lack of trust and back to unbelief. You’ll learn when you have self-doubt, the difference between self-doubt and unbelief, its consequences and how to conquer it.

Are you ready to learn?

What is self-doubt?

Doubt means to stand in two ways. Let’s see the several meanings;

  1. Doubt is to be undecided about something
  2. To doubt is to lack confidence in someone or something
  3. To harbor suspicion
  4. To anticipate with dread or fear
  5. Doubt is to be filled with fear.

Doubt is uncertainty, not knowing which way to take, to be anxious through a distracted state of mind.

In our previous series, you can quickly call this not to know your stance. But this is a bit different; for the last case, you are battling with WHO YOU ARE in CHRIST JESUS. But in this case, you already know who you are and believe, yet you cannot figure it out.

We as humans doubt and it can so hit us that we begin to ask questions about our walk with GOD. But, we must understand something, that ‘whatever the mind cannot relate; the who, the why, the when, the what, the where and the how it will fight.’

Imagine GOD telling you to carry your bags and hit the road, that He would show you the land you are heading to. Humanly speaking, it is impossible; of all places, it is a place where you have nobody, so you don’t know or have anybody. You don’t understand why He ordered that, you don’t know when, and to worsen it, you don’t even have the money to take you to the place. This is mean and unrelatable.

Yet GOD is still in this business with men today. Men that are ready to trust and obey. This is serious and affects our walk with GOD as CHRISTIANS.

How Does Self-Doubt Cause Confusion in the Life of a Christian?

First off, there’s something that I learnt that you should know, and that is the devil and demons attack us with doubt when we have faith. So, this means that once you believe, he introduces words, suggestions, lies, what ifs or how can’s and ‘buts’, just to mess with your head.

Remember the story of Eve in the Garden of Eden. How the devil craftily made Eve rethink what she had believed, how he made her look for a long time that she now desired to test the suggestion which led to her disobedience — eating the fruits.

What is the devil’s plan?

To make us think otherwise by introducing plans b, c, d and even e, by making us weigh other options or, in many cases, not even see the possibilities. And when this happens, we slowly return to unbelief, which still leads us to disobey the WORD.

Carefully Examine this Scenario

Imagine this conversation between GOD and Henry.

GOD: Henry, I’ve heard your prayers, and today, I demand your presence in the school field.

Henry: School field? Of all places, GOD, how would the school field fetch me a job?

GOD: Go to the school field and wait there.

Of course, Henry obeys, gets to the school field and waits; two hours nothing, three hours nothing.

Henry: GOD, please don’t make me look foolish; what am I doing here?

GOD: Wait on me, son

But after some time, Henry begins to entertain thoughts.

Doubt: Henry, this isn’t very intelligent, really! Field and job? Just get home and finish your application online.

Henry then remembers he has been sending applications, and then, out of doubt, he leaves the presence of GOD as instructed. What do you think will happen to Henry?

I once listened to Pastor Paul Enenche’s teachings, where he used the story of Saul to make us understand that obedience is better than sacrifice.

He said that “incomplete obedience or delayed obedience is still disobedience.”

So, as a Christian, you can believe but, because of doubt, still lose out on GOD’S plans and purposes. This is deep indeed.

How do we even begin to fight this? Yes, the Bible reveals that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

You cannot understand this if you first do not know when you are battling with doubt.

When do You Know You are Battling with Self-doubt?

  • You know you are battling self-doubt when facing options to shake your belief system.
  • You are battling with self-doubt when you are fighting your thoughts.
  • You are battling with self-doubt when you are tempted to give up.
  • When it becomes hard to stand your ground. You are battling with self-doubt
  • Anytime you see yourself wishing for an alternative, self-doubt is already at the doorstep. Be careful what you wish for.
  • When you begin to overthink GOD’S words to you, you are battling with self-doubt.

These are just a few ways to know we are plagued with self-doubt. Come to think of it. Why does self-doubt plague many Christians?

Why Self-doubt Plagues Christians

Although the reason can be dragged into many of them, it can be summed up in one. Self-doubt plagues Christians because we are constantly at war with evil. Do you think the devil will watch his opponent drag his name and hostages, too?

I trust you’ve seen movies on how kidnappers guard their prisoners jealously as though they mean anything to them, whereas their motive is destruction in the end.

Do you think the devil will watch you take charge of your life to break free from 25 years of the yoke of poverty, marital delay, childlessness, or even discovering the will of GOD for your life? Think again. We are not in any playing zone. The fight is real!

“Satan knows how dangerous we will be with a heart full of faith, so he attacks us with doubt and unbelief.”

Consequences of Self-doubt

Like unbelief, self-doubt can ruin GOD’S initial plans and purposes.

  • Self-doubt makes you consider alternatives
  • Self-doubt drags us into unbelief, which leads to disobedience
  • Self-doubt delays our receiving of blessings, deliverance or breakthrough
  • There will be a prolonged answer to our request when there is self-doubt.

Believers are not supposed to entertain self-doubt. Let’s find out the difference between self-doubt and unbelief.

Differences between Self-doubt and Unbelief

While self-doubt is a wavering thought towards a belief, unbelief is a disagreement towards an opinion or belief system.

Self-doubt or doubt is a result of faith. It is the enemies’ strategy to cause us to slumber or to walk against GOD’S will. Unbelief is utter disobedience.

How Can Christians Overcome Self-doubt to avert CONFUSION?

A believer is constantly at war. You won’t believe that in the middle of this writing, I was struggling with thoughts of doubt on whether or not GOD approved my purpose.

Look, doubt will surface in almost every area of our life. This does not make us ineffective Christians or believers; instead, this proves that we are in GOD’S will.

To overcome self-doubt and avert CONFUSION, you should;

  • Identify the areas you are battling with doubt
  • Find out what the Bible says about that situation and that circumstances.
  • Replace the lies with GOD’S truth.

The Bible reveals that the WORD of GOD is alive and powerful. It is sharper than a double-edged sword, cutting between souls and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires—Hebrews 4:12. You can read Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel to understand better.

  • Go back to GOD for reassurance of HIS WORD and strength. HIS GRACE is made perfect in our times of weakness.
  • Be mindful of what you expose yourself to. What you consume consumes you.
  • Outrightly rebuke words that are not consistent with GOD’S word.

Advantages of Conquering Self-doubt

  1. You are able to receive what you have believed.
  2. You will not struggle with CONFUSION.
  3. If you conquer self-doubt for every season, you successfully pass the test of that season. (I listened to a message by Evangelist David Diga Hernandez on how he almost repeated a season just by doubting what GOD was doing through him, even in ministry; it was a waiting season.) You cannot afford to buy yourself three years for what you should have gotten in less than a year.
  4. You will be able to lead and mentor people through the process of struggles.


Now you know how doubt robs Christians of our clarity and introduces CONFUSION in any season we find ourselves in.

Although doubt and unbelief are different, doubt is still a gateway that sure leads to disobedience. Once you have started with faith, you must end what you began with faith, too. Many times, it looks foolish, but we must remain faithful.

James 1:6 says, “But when you ask for something, you must have faith and not doubt. Anyone who doubts is like an ocean wave tossed around in a storm.” In the next verse, you cannot make up your mind. Therefore, you cannot be trusted. So, don’t expect the LORD to do something for you or give you anything at all.

Doubt is expensive too! We must learn to build and uphold our faith. Till you see the next post, continue to see and focus on GOD diligently.





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