February 23, 2024

How can a winning Christian allow fear to grip him or her? How’s that even possible?

I hope you know that there are stages of fear, or would I rather say, types of fear.

Today, you might be afraid of starting, and tomorrow it might be fear of continuing. You might be afraid of missing it, and you might even be scared of the success you now have or you are going to have.

We can go on and on, but at some point we might be scared of losing something so dear to us. It could be fear of angering GOD on our way up.

As a winning Christian, you can be confused about life when you allow fear to grip you. But this does not have to be our story as Christians.

Let’s unravel this secret, shall we?

What is fear?

Although this subject is not the dreadful fear that many average Christians face starting our walk with GOD. it has little or more than little to do with it.

So, let’s see a few definitions of fear and see if we can eliminate the fear we are discussing in this context.

1. Fear can be a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion of feeling caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.

2. A phobia, a sense of fear induced by something or someone.

3. Terrified veneration or reverence, particularly towards GOD, gods or sovereigns

4. To worry about, to feel concern for, to be afraid for

5. To feel awe towards

6. To regret

7. To be anxious or solicitous

Are you seeing how, in one way or another, the definitions are varying? But the one we should be more concerned about based on our context is the fourth and the seventh one.

So, it is possible to conquer the first definition of fear but get in the middle and be caught up with another kind of fear.

This is yet another reason why winning Christians are confused about life.

How does allowing fear cause winning Christians to be confused about life?

Fear is a strong factor and can affect our walk with GOD when we give in to it. This time, it can be so subtle. Do you see that even the second definition interprets it as worry or a feeling of concern?

So, in other words, you can be so thoughtful of something that it now translates to fear. You can be mindful or careful about something that it now becomes fear.

No wonder, we see GOD strengthen us in the bible in the subject of fear over three hundred times.

You can fear GOD so much that you no longer are flexible with HIM; you can fear HIM so much that you try to edit HIS words in your life and maybe others too.

You can think of the vision GOD gave you so much that you are now unnecessarily anxious for nothing.

It is possible to remember how you started and, in fear, make your walk with GOD mechanically. So, how does fear affect us?

1. When we allow fear to grip us, even as winning Christians, we become rigid and unnecessarily unhappy. In many cases, we become unapproachable.

2. When winning Christians allow fear to grip them in their walk with GOD, they make their walk difficult.

3. Allowing fear to grip us or get the better of us steals that child-like heart that makes GOD invest HIS glory in us.

4. When fear crawls into our walk with GOD, we begin to lose even genuine people, which can frustrate us.

5. When fear gets the better of us, we feel guilty of nothing and many unimportant things.

Fear is a threat to our walk with GOD.

Why do winning Christians allow fear to grip them in their walk with GOD?

This kind of fear is not exactly subtle but it is often hard to detect.

I watched the pilgrim’s progress and saw how Christian started his walk with GOD fearing so many things.

• He feared that he might not make it

• He feared that the requirements were steep

• Christian feared that the load on his back was weighing him down and might affect his new found peace.

• Christian also feared that the journey was long

• Christian feared that his family would not see him again and that he couldn’t go and rescue them.

At some point, he lost hope until the guy he met during their trials gave him the hope he needed to continue his walk again.

All these were what the devil used to fashion weapons against him. So, a winning Christian can unknowingly allow fear to grip him or her because they fear failing along the way even if they have started right.

Christians can fear losing all that they have acquired along the way, still following GOD; that is why we must die to ourselves every day.

Winning Christians allow fear in their life because they are now scared of their success

Pastors can be fearful because they think of losing their members to new pastors or reigning men of GOD, especially when they are in the same city,

Ministers of GOD can allow fear in their lives because they are losing their unique expression in GOD, focusing on others GOD is also using.

Many winning Christians allow fear to grip them because they want to stay at the top and not see GOD use others, maybe in an unconventional way.

These are a few reasons why many winning Christians allow fear to grip them.

Signs that you are allowing fear to grip you

• The feeling of uneasiness achieving another feat or seeing another person used by GOD

• You are being unnecessarily careful of your vision

• You become so fixated on a few things that you no longer allow room for growth and expansion

• You begin to reverence or honor others too much that you lose yourself in their light.

• You are slowly losing confidence in your calling.

• You become overprotective of your vision or about certain people or things.

• You are becoming too careful to expose people’s shortcomings to them because you want to keep them around.

Fear is very dangerous. No wonder the bible commands us to be anxious for nothing but to thank GOD and bring our worries to HIM. (Philippians 4:6, 1 Peter 5:7)

We must be careful but not overly cautious that we forget we are still GOD’S own and that HE is our father, and HE is not on the lookout to roast us anytime we miss it. Although things can change as we mature in HIM, it is not enough reason to fear HIM in guilt. Where did HIS love go? Where did HIS divine love in us go?

How can winning Christians overcome fear in their walk with GOD?

1. Winning Christians can overcome fear in their walk with GOD by allowing themselves to be rooted in GOD’S love. Has the bible not said that “there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear” 1 John 4:18.

2. Winning Christians can overcome fear by knowing first the causes of their fear and addressing it adequately.

3. Winning Christians can overcome fear in their walk with GOD by not thinking too much about things, difficult feats, getting it wrong along the way or missing out on the great prize we all have our eyes on.

4. As a winning Christian, we must reverence GOD in fear but not ignore the fear that affects our walk with HIM.

5. The key to overcoming fear is to walk in divine love. You can read Love: The Way to Victory by Kenneth E. Hagin and GOD’S Love Plan by T.L. Osborn.

6. Refuse to be anxious when you get difficult instructions from GOD, but even if you do, GOD is not surprised. Go to HIM and let down all that burdens you.

7. Although this kind of fear is not majorly due to lack of faith, you must attack this fear with the word, remind the fear who you are in CHRIST JESUS.

8. Reject every thought that tries to exalt itself above the word of GOD in your life.

Consequences of allowing fear grip you

• When you allow fear to grip you, you will easily give in to the attacks or be a victim of the enemies.

• When you allow fear to absorb you, you do things under pressure.

• Allowing fear to absorb you affects your walk with GOD and your connection with HIM.

• It might get to a point where nothing makes sense, even when nothing is wrong.

• Allowing fear in your life can alter GOD’S plan and purposes for your life.

• Fear can introduce doubt, unbelief and other strange things

• Fear brings loneliness, too, and this leads to frustration and, many times, depression

Read on to find out the advantages of getting over fear.

Advantages of not allowing fear grip you in your walk with GOD

1. GOD trusts you enough to give you more opportunities to advertise HIS name, to whom much is given, much is expected

2. You become a stepping stone for others, too.

3. When you get over fear, you make your walk with GOD smooth.

4. Giving up fear gives you an edge in the kingdom work.

5. As a winning Christian, you maintain your vision and unique expression in GOD when you don’t allow fear to grip you.

6. Fear can introduce uneasiness, jealousy and strife. Walking with GOD without fear keeps jealousy, uneasiness, strife and other vices at bay.

7. When you don’t allow fear to grip you as a Christian, you enjoy your walk with GOD in love.

There are so many things that we stand to gain, walking in GOD’S will without fear. HE has many times commanded us not to be afraid. Even I need a special revelation of this so that HIS word remains ever fresh in me.

8. We will continue to walk through life with clarity of thought.


Another reason for your confusion about life, even as a winning Christian, is that you allowing fear to grip you. Fear of the unknown, fear of acquiring too much, fear of losing people or things, fear of not finishing strong.

Fear can take us from a realm of boldness and confidence to a realm of defeat, confusion and, at worse, death as a result of unfaced depression.

That we are winning Christians does not automatically give us immunity against dangers and trials. When we don’t engage and exercise the authority given to us by our father, we become living prey to the defeated enemies.

Let’s hope, pray and hope again that Young Dreams Matter only reveals the truth for the glory of GOD. Let’s open our hearts to the next series.

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  1. Am blessed by this teaching. Fear is truly a cankerworm. We shouldn’t allow it destroy our journey with be Christ.

  2. Reading this auspicious piece made me realised how fear has delayed my walk with God,

    But then this Bibe verse got my attention:‘1john 4:18. Thank you ma for taking out your time to help young believers.

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