December 3, 2023

In this guide, you’ll learn why many Christians are confused about life. In our last post, we answered the rarely asked yet important question, “Can you work through life with precision?

We learnt that you, as well as I, can work through life with precision. So, if we can work through life with precision, why are many people still confused about life? Especially the Christians. Is it even possible for a Christian to be confused about life? What can result to this confusion?

Dear reader, hold onto this guide as we unravel this. You must get an answer before leaving this guide.

Let’s begin! But with another critical question.

Can a Christian be Confused about Life?

If it is possible to work through life with PRECISION, why are Christians still confused about life? Is it even possible for a Christian to be confused about life?

As you may know, Christian, if interpreted in the proper context, means CHRIST-like. However, this has become a generic name that it is hard to know who is really a Christian or not. And with too many denominations taking over places by their numbers, there is the need for a name that really separates the honest Christian from just members of any church.

Throughout JESUS’ stay here on earth, there wasn’t a record that He was confused about life. Nonetheless, this didn’t mean that He didn’t face life challenges and numerous difficulties; He faced temptations and even trials.

Yet He never was confused. For every challenge that came, JESUS had a word and specific strategy to deal with it.

Let’s examine these practical examples. Imagine these;

  • Being at a party and wine finishes, but everybody relies on you to provide wine, even when you haven’t started your ministry.

Tell you what; many people would be confused about where to start. Automatically, you would feel heavily burdened with an impossible responsibility that you cannot face even with countless years of training.

  • Imagine that you had five thousand people come to hear the word of GOD through you, but their deepest and instant desire was not met. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Would you even think of feeding them? Or would you instead find a means to take from them?
  • Imagine coming to heal your friend from sickness but getting to the place to see your friend just five hours gone.
  • Imagine fasting for forty days and forty nights, and instead of signs and wonders, you are faced with temptations.
  • What if you were the one who knew that one of your own would betray you? WOULD YOU DINE WITH THIS PERSON, LET ALONE BREAK BREAD WITH HIM or HER?
  • How about sitting in a boat and in the middle of the ocean, the strongest wind begins to blow.
  • What of the scariest of them all, having a man possessed by legions of demons run towards you? WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FIRST REACTION?

We could go on and on, but study JESUS’ reactions towards these circumstances. One of the places that caught me was when John the Baptist was beheaded, and JESUS wanted to go and grieve, but when He saw the crowd, He immediately attended to the crowd out of compassion.

If JESUS went through even the most excruciating pain and was never confused about ‘life’, how can Christians be confused about life? From JESUS’ life on earth, suffice it to say that a Christian cannot and should not be confused about life.

However, several versions of Christians can be confused about life.

Several versions of Christians that can be confused about life

  1. Christians that have been trained with the wrong doctrine.
  2. Christians that are ever learning without coming to the knowledge of the truth.
  3. Christians that refuse the power that comes with being a Christian.
  4. Christians who believe CHRIST has paid every price; therefore, a life of pain is unacceptable.
  5. Christians that do not go through the process of transformation and empowerment.
  6. The Sunday babies and miracle seekers.
  7. Backsliding Christians.
  8. Christians that joggle paganistic lifestyle with godly lifestyle.

So, is it possible for a Christian to be confused about life? Can a Christian be confused about life? YES, a Christian can be confused about life. The aforementioned versions of Christians proves it.

What can make Christians to be confused about life?

This is an intentional question we should ask ourselves, especially when the bible clearly states that GOD is not the author of CONFUSION and having JESUS as the author and finisher of our faith. After all, every WORD, GOD said, He proved countlessly in the bible through HIS son JESUS CHRIST.

Although the answers can be found in the sub-topic, several versions of Christians that can be confused about life, they are not the only reasons.

Christians can experience confusion at any phase of their life; however, many versions of Christians can be confused about life for a plethora of reasons.

  1. Life challenges;
  • Health challenges
  • Financial challenges
  • Spiritual challenges
  • Emotional challenges-broken relationships
  1. Difficulties;
  • Marriage,
  • Works
  • Church

Why many Christians are confused about life

Numerous reasons can lead to Christian’s confusion about life.

  1. You struggle with unbelief
  2. You are battling with self-doubt
  3. You struggle with self-will
  4. You trust in people’s opinion
  5. You are quick to forget GOD’S promises or WORD and who you are
  6. You are quick to share the plans of GOD with people.
  7. You are losing focus on your VISION
  8. You are facing life circumstances or challenges

We wish we could share this in one post, but space cannot permit us to fully express all these reasons. So, this is a coming series that we are excited to walk you through.


In our guide, we made you understand that even Christians can be confused about life, and although it is not supposed to be our story, we are clarified on the versions of Christians that can be confused about life.

And now that you know why many Christians are confused about life, we can strive to walk and work through life circumspectly, knowing that we can be plagued with the very thing that makes the world conform to its system.

CONFUSION is a tool that the enemy uses to manipulate the people of GOD, and so long as we are on earth, we will, for each day, win this war.

Await this coming series. We trust GOD to make it genuinely understandable and transformational for you.


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