February 23, 2024

Unarguably, the Christian experience is challenging when we face life as average Christians. It is unfair for us to stay ever learning without coming to the knowledge of the truth.

Over time, Young Dreams Matter has succeeded in leading you through the series 8 undeniable reasons for Christian’s confusion about life. If you are yet to follow the series, then please do. You’ll realize you are far from being alone if you don’t enjoy your Christian experience.

Now let’s walk you through these series in one guide for repetition and remembrance. However, this is only a tip of the iceberg compared to the value each series carries.

Without further ado, let’s learn!

Is it possible for a Christian to be confused about life?

This is a crucial question to ask because how is it possible that a Christian who is now in CHRIST, a Christian who has been saved, will still be confused about life.

Although we have answered this in why many Christians are confused about life, why do you think most Christians are still confused about life?

Being a Christian does not exonerate you and I from experiencing what others experience. Being a Christian does not automatically drive us into a place of ease and no trial. As a matter of fact, that is when we face difficulties the most. After all, the bible records that the world didn’t like JESUS and the same would be true for HIS disciples.

But Christians without the full knowledge of and ever-refreshing knowledge of who they are becomes preys amid the wolves, and that leads to CONFUSION.

So, a Christian can be confused about life. Now, let’s learn about the various reasons.

8 undeniable reasons for Christian’s confusion about life

1.     You struggle with unbelief


In our series, you struggle with unbelief; we explained how a Christian can believe in the Supreme GOD, and yet struggle with believing HIS words about his or her life, or the circumstances.

Believing that GOD exists is a prerequisite to believing in HIM; however, it is not enough. Our Christian life started with faith and must continue in faith.

Unbelief can rob us of the promises of GOD and what we truly stand to gain as true believers of the gospel. Struggling with unbelief can delay our transformation because our Christian experience goes beyond salvation.

Come to think of it, why should this be a problem?

Why do most Christians struggle with unbelief?

Most Christians struggle with unbelief for several reasons;

  • People are not taught the right doctrine.
  • So much neglect, even in the body of CHRIST
  • Most Christians struggle with unbelief because the elect in the church that should lead people in love are not really in a close or intimate relationship with JESUS; because of this, the consequences of unbelief are inevitable.

Consequences of unbelief

  • Unbelief robs us of our inheritance and also redirects our focus.
  • We are outrightly in disobedience when there’s unbelief.
  • Unbelief also disapproves us from the eyes of GOD; it limits us of the grace of GOD and exposes us to other frail belief systems.

That is why we, as Christians must fight unbelief. You can read the main series to discover the advantages of overcoming unbelief and what a Christian can do to overcome it.

2.     You are battling with self-doubt

Doubt hits you when your faith is alive, and you are far from being alone if you battle self-doubt. But as much as many people go through self-doubt, we must never remain in self-doubt.

Self-doubt might not be outright disobedience, but it sure leads to unbelief, which now attacks our clarity.

Like a disease, we must dislike and fight self-doubt. Doubt limits our thinking because it introduces alternatives.

It is one of the devil’s strategies to get us into delayed blessings and CONFUSION in our walk with GOD.

But as a Christian, you always have an edge when you are conscious of your step with GOD. Study the second series you are battling with Self-doubt to understand when you are battling with self-doubt and how you can overcome self-doubt to avert confusion.

So, what if you conquer self-doubt and unbelief? Are you on your way to clarity? Indeed, the real question is, is there anything else that can hinder you? The answer is yes.

3.     You struggle with self-will

I don’t know which is more deadly, unbelief or self-will. While unbelief is not believing in GOD’S word, self-will is knowing GOD’S word, believing it but still avoiding it for your will to travail.

To me, self-will is a war against GOD. We think it’s an admirable trait in our contemporary society, especially when we’ve got some logical reasoning to back it up. Many times, we succeed in shutting the truth up. We puff our shoulders and act like it’s not a big deal.

But right within, we know we are struggling with a BEING more ancient than even our family ancestors.

Why do Christians know the will of GOD and still go against it?

Well, although there might be other personal reasons to avoid the will of GOD, we can summarize all the reasons why the will of GOD is hard to follow.

The will of GOD surpasses human understanding and would take more than our human reasoning to execute.

How do you explain to people that you are about to leave the foreign country you just got in because you have unfinished business in the village?

As a lady, how do you explain that the marriage proposal you accepted was a mistake? How do you leave a well-paying job to train with a man of GOD for some years? How do you lose your job now, but you are expected not to lose your joy, too?

These are only a few of what people have to give up for the will of GOD.

Do you think it was easy for Mary (the mother of JESUS) to give up her SON?

Do you think it is easy to have your younger brother struggle with you for some piece of land that can feed you for another decade, and you don’t fight with him over it because GOD wants you to give it up and still be at peace with him?

The will of GOD is hard. Nonetheless, it is not supposed to be hard if we yield wholeheartedly; otherwise, our walk with GOD becomes mechanical.

Self-will is dangerous and should not be entertained no matter what.

What can make a Christian struggle with self-will?

  1. Impatience: Self-will always wants results immediately, but GOD’S will can force you into waiting for it and going through the process. But if you are impatient, you will most likely get into trouble running from the process.
  2. Fear of missing out: we humans tend to judge ourselves through the lenses of other people’s achievements. We compare ourselves, which often leads to struggles and loss of clarity in our walk with GOD.
  3. Deceit: we can be led out of GOD’S will through deceit. Our desires deceive us; make us focus on only what we stand to gain and not remind us what we stand to lose. James 1:14 CEV says, “We are tempted by our own desires that drag us off and trap us. Our desires make us sin, and when sin is finished with us, it leaves us dead.”

Our desires are that powerful, but we can learn to win this war by realizing when we are against the will of GOD. Study the series you struggle with self-will to learn the consequences and how you can overcome self-will.

4.     You trust people’s opinion

It is possible to be in the will of GOD and be in confusion. Opinions are influential and can easily make or mar our relationship with GOD. This is the fourth reason in our series 8 undeniable reasons for Christians’ confusion about life,

We must always know that the devil is the will of GOD in our lives. That is why it is dangerous not to have a relationship with GOD; otherwise, how do you explain living your whole life trusting even in your parents or pastor’s opinion of you or your circumstances?

Was it not opinions that led Eve to consider another idea? Was it not an opinion that made Abraham lay with Hagar as his house help? Was it not opinion that led Amnon to rape his half-sister Tamar?

Can you remember the plenteous mistakes that you have made? How many per cent of them were really what you considered on your own?

It is important to note that opinions do not just come from people because, in my learning, one of my spiritual fathers, Pastor Chima Ogenyi, has taught me that even emotions have a voice. Other things include;

  • Anger
  • Religious background
  • Bitterness
  • Fears
  • Even your circumstances have a voice.

Opinions can also come from songs. Plenty of things can give opinions: books, sign pots, ads, even silence!

What do opinions do to us?

  • Opinions awaken desires that were once dead, or you never thought you had
  • Opinions overwhelm our belief system
  • Opinions can even affirm a wrong belief system and make us delve into evil.



Find out the consequences of trusting in people’s opinions in the main series.

5.     You are quick to forget GOD’S promises and who YOU are

Let’s face it, we can often get caught up in activities: dealing with life struggles, raising the bar in our spiritual authority that we forget GOD’S promises and who WE are in CHRIST JESUS.

And we defined forgetting in this context as unintentionally losing GOD’S promises or forgetting who we are.

Things even get worse when we see all the good things happening to our neighbours or friends, and we think in our hearts that they don’t deserve it.

If we genuinely run a heart check, you see that even I am guilty of this. Our faith often fails us when we have been too expectant for a prophecy we believed for many years. Forgetting our stance on GOD can introduce us to depressive thought patterns after denting our clarity.

Do you know what happens when you forget GOD’S promises or who YOU are?

  1. You will lose the joy of your salvation
  2. You can give room to other strange voices and many more!

You can still win this war if you want to.

What can you do always to remember GOD’S promises and who YOU are?

As a Christian, you need to always remember GOD’S promises and who you are so that you can fight CONFUSION and identity crisis.

  • Avoid activities that limit your faith.
  • Also, avoid people who carry ungodly energy, people who are quick to condemn you for your persistent trust in GOD.
  • Verbally rebuke thoughts that are not of GOD. Any thought that is not consistent with the word of GOD is a lie from the devil, and they are not for you. So, do not consider the thoughts otherwise. You begin to believe the lies of the enemy.
  • Get yourself spiritually connected to a family; your spiritual community will fuel your fire and keep it burning.

Read the original content to learn the advantages of not forgetting GOD’S promises and who you are.

6.     You are quick to share the plans of GOD with people

The sixth reason in our series 8 undeniable reason for Christians’ confusion about life is that you are quick to share the plans of GOD with people.

In the main series, we understood that a plan is supposed to be a set of intended activities that can only be known by two parties, and in this case, between GOD and the said individual.

Many Christians are so quick to share the revelational blueprint of their destiny with certain people or even anybody who cares to listen.

There is nothing exactly wrong with sharing these plans with the people we trust the most, but if our actions are arbitrary and not revelational, then we are making a mistake.

Sometimes, our action is out of ignorance and sincere hunger to be rightly directed, but it doesn’t stop ungodly people from being bad.

Imagine the case of Joseph, how much his destiny took a significant shift because of his brother’s anger and deep jealousy. (Although all that happened, GOD used it for his own good) it is dangerous to reveal GOD’S plan for your life to even the closest of your friends. But if your actions are revelational or Spirit-led, then you are covered.

Consequences of quickly sharing GOD’S plan with people

  • Sharing GOD’S plan with people affects the potency of the plan
  • Sharing the plan of GOD for you with people raises doubt and opinions that most times sabotage the plans of GOD.
  • When you share GOD’S plan with people, it awakens resentment in the hearts of men.

To understand more, study the main series: you are quick to share GOD’S plan with people.

7.     You are losing focus on the VISION


If you understand the importance of vision, you will realize how much we stand to lose when we are no longer focused on our vision.

Vision is the essence of our living. You can also boldly refer to vision as purpose. Visions separate men from the crowd and make them a living wonder.

Apostle Michael Orokpo states, “Vision is a supernatural ability for one to see what others cannot see.” With vision, you can buy yourself a billion-dollar ticket out of confusion.

Look into the bible, and you will see how visions separated men. Look at the story of Noah. What about Joseph and Abraham? Let’s not forget our Dear JESUS, JESUS, without looking at the back, fulfilled destiny in such a short time as if difficulties didn’t exist. No wonder the bible says, ‘Look up to HIM, who is the author and finisher of our faith.’

We often need to say a radical prayer that sets our feet off the ground where limitations and competition drive us into mediocrity. Come to think of it, why do most Christians lose focus of their visions? Let’s find out.

Why must Christians lose focus on their vision?

  • Most Christians are confused about life because they don’t keep and maintain a strong relationship with the one who gave the vision.
  • Most Christians lose focus of their vision because they are carried away with the fun of it.
  • Other Christians lose focus of the vision because they take pride in it.

As a Christian, you stand to lose a lot losing focus in your vision.

Consequences of losing your focus on the vision

  • When you lose focus on your vision, your walk with GOD becomes mechanical
  • Losing focus on the vision drives us into a confused state.
  • When we lose focus on our vision, we lose our joy in our walk or work with GOD.

Study the main series to understand more.

8.     You are facing life circumstances

We often go through life challenges that questions our faith and fate. It is bad already that plenty of challenges are general and even worse that, as Christians, we are at war with the devil for always calling on the name of GOD.

Many people are heavily ladened and burdened with debts; others do have serious health issues that are rendering them fearful. Many families are in a huge dispute and do not know where to start to bring peace.

Pressure is all ill circumstances mount on us:

  • Pressure to make GOD move.
  • Pressure to act without GOD’S word.
  • Pressure to leave the will of GOD.

Challenges are real and can cripple us and make us forget GOD’S promises. This introduces strange voices and opinions that cause self-doubt and make us dance in self-will and unbelief.

These are the eight reasons in the 8 undeniable reasons for Christian’s confusion about life. But as a Christian, if you win all this war, you are on your way to a place of clarity and boldness in your walk with GOD.


This is the 8 undeniable reasons for Christian’s confusion about life. You are now a winning Christian if you can consciously wedge war against all these hindering factors to your clarity.

Is it still possible for a winning Christian to be confused about life?

As a winning Christian, you should be above plenty of challenges, but it is possible to still be confused about life. I wish I could say there isn’t, but it is not in any jurisdiction.

We will reveal in our following guide the many reasons why a winning Christian can be confused about life.

Stay safe, sane and hopeful. Thank you for following the series. Share your life experiences in the comment section.


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