December 3, 2023

If until now you are wondering what LIFE is all about, at some point it will raise doubt, fear, uncertainty, and of course, CONFUSION. You would wonder, is it okay to be confused about life?

You won’t leave this guide without getting an answer. That’s a guarantee!

And fret not! Before I embarked on the journey to provide information on this VALUE-packed content, I exerted myself researching the content. So, it is not self-opinionated.

So, after some research work on why many people are confused about life and if it is okay to be confused about life. I found some answers…

Let me share with you my findings from people’s contributions. Be patient.

  • Some people said confusion happens to everybody in many phases of their lives because they would need strength and courage to make some decisions.
  • Some people said the system has failed people, especially the youth
  • Many others said that confusion comes with old age
  • And medical practitioners would even, in most cases, advise that anyone who experiences confusion with no apparent cause should receive medical attention. Find out other reasons for people’s confusion when you are free.

Isn’t it amazing how slight changes in the body and mind can make one seek medical attention? Sometimes it does not have to be so.

Don’t get me wrong, if there is a heightened level of confusion, then there is a need for medical attention. Because heightened confusion, when ignored, can lead to mild or severe depression, there is always a need to strike a balance. Let’s see the symptoms of confusion.

Symptoms of confusion

  • Having trouble focusing or paying attention
  • Feeling disconnected from time or place
  • Forgetting basic facts
  • Not recognizing familiar faces and many others.

And anybody can experience confusion at some phases of their life. However, oftentimes, you going through confusion, do not deserve medical attention. So, to the big question!

Is it okay to be confused about life?

Yes, it is okay to be confused about life. It happens to everybody. If I weren’t confused about life, I wouldn’t search for the truth.

And here is why anyone can be confused about life;

We are born in the system, raised in the system, taught about the system, we are expected to live by the system without questioning it, raise young ones in the system, teach them the system and then eventually die in the system leaving them behind. And then the vicious cycle continues.

And do you know what? The system favors nobody, whether you are for the system or against the system! In the end, the consequences will be glaring. But you can avert the consequences if you are against the system (we will explain the system in another post after this series)

No wonder the response of a particular person rang a bell when I was searching for answers. One of them said, “If everything seems to be good and senseful, how would you ever shift or evolve? Confusion is a sign that “you are making heart, mind, body, and soul to make room for something that wasn’t there before.” Look at this too!

So nobody lives a remarkable life or the life of WONDER following the system. No wonder the scripture screams do not conform to the system of this world. Hmmm… Are you learning?

Again, is it okay to be confused about life? Yes, it is okay to be confused about life, and this only happens when you begin to question the system. It raises discomfort. You don’t like it, but it is good.

Research proves it is good; it shows your mind is CURIOUS. So, it is okay to be confused about life.

But do you know where the problem lies?

The problem is when you stay confused about life. So congratulations if you are confused about life now. This is because you are about to find your way out. However, fight well for you not to remain confused about life.

So, don’t ever believe the lie that you are built to stay confused about life. It is not true and I am going to prove it to you now. (permit me to infuse biblical teachings)

God is not the author of confusion, but of peace,”- 1 Corinthians 14:33b, if God has created you in His image, then He did not create you to be confused, but instead, to extend peace to others.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of sound mind,”- 2 Timothy 1:7 (notice the word sound mind)

So, first, God is not the author of confusion and he did not create you to be confused. In fact, you are the extension of His glory here on earth.

let’s see how confusion starts.

GOD creates you to stay under His AUTHORITY, so you can fulfill DESTINY, the destiny that HE also kept under your authority.

And as long as you are under Him, you are PROTECTED against arrows of the enemies. And as long as you are under Him, PROVISIONS are made in respect to your destiny under God.

However, when the system of this world distracts you from GOD, you lean on your own understanding. Are you seeing the connection now? No wonder Peter began to drown when he took his eyes off our Lord Jesus Christ.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”- Proverbs 3:5

When you lean on your own understanding, you will conform to the system of this world, and if that happens, you are no longer under the AUTHORITY of God. And when you are no longer under the authority of God, you have spelled it out to God that you are okay without HIM!

And look, you leaving the authority of God does not move God. That is why HE will always remain God. God wants you, but you need God. So, when you are no longer under Him, you are exposed to vices, arrows, danger, CONFUSION, and at worst DEATH. I understood this when I watched the video of a notable sales expert Myron Golden.

So, let us get this…

God puts you in a world that is ruled by a system for a particular purpose and, with the intention, for you to work according to your purpose almost immediately. Notice I said almost immediately.

However, He is not oblivious to the power of the system of the world, so; he created a means through which you can get to HIM.

Let us begin from time immemorial

God sent Jesus into the system to learn the system, and die to deliver you from the rules that men make to keep you from the LAWS of God and in obedience to the system. That is why nobody can come to HIM except through JESUS, His son. Please be patient, I will give you a beautiful illustration later.

Do you know other provisions that He made?

God provided TIME, WORD OF GOD, FAITH, CHANGE, SEASON, GRACE, and RESTORATION. But all these things cannot come into play if you do not repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Note there are many other provisions just said the ones within the confines of my exposure, Please…

So, a man can be in the system and be CONFUSED about life. And a TIME would come in his life; he would hear the WORD OF GOD, the man repents and then he is SAVED by his FAITH in JESUS, and through the GRACE of GOD, which makes way for RESTORATION.

So, God restores you to the position you took off from. Do you remember the parable of the prodigal son?

Let us quickly explain what I mean by the story

When the prodigal son was under his father’s authority, he enjoyed GRACE, PROTECTION, ABUNDANCE and LOVE, SANITY, and many other privileges. However, when He paid attention to the things outside his father’s authority, he became distracted.

So he left his father’s authority, with what he had gained from his father. Let’s not lie that he didn’t enjoy life. Well, he did, but the pleasure was temporal.

So, when the system battered Him. When he did not enjoy the grace again when he experienced lack, emptiness, and hate, he remembered he has a father that has it all, and he can give to all those, under him! And he went back to his father in repentance.

Notice something… his father never hated him or cursed him when he left. However, here is another thing: the bible didn’t record that his father looked for him. 

Nonetheless, the father’s countenance on seeing his son shows he was patiently waiting every day for his son to return to him.

And when his son finally did, the father ran to him, hugged him, kissed him, and welcomed him, notwithstanding his ill decisions. He forgave him, changed him, and prepared a feast for him. His son got back to the position, he left from. So, the son didn’t lose his sonship, he only lost the right to fellowship with his father and he lost his right over his inheritance.

And this is the same thing for God and man: when you leave God’s authority, you don’t lose your sonship, you only lose your fellowship with God.

So, if you become confused about life, that is a sign that something is happening within you.

However, know this: a child of God that conforms to God’s will and authority, never gets confused, he only gets CURIOUS. There is a big difference between being confused and being Curious. That is why it is not good to stay confused.

“You can always be CURIOUS, but you cannot be CONFUSED forever. Curiosity is not the same as confusion.” Yet in your curiosity, there should be a heightened level of confidence that God is still God. After all, He is our hope in ages past, and still our hope in years to come.

So, if God is not the author of confusion, why are people still confused about life? I’ll give you a clue; most people are trying to love God while conforming to the system of this world. And also, It is because you are running from God’s authority or you are already out of it.

If you doubt it, ask Jonah, hilarious…

Do you think if Jonah was operating under God’s authority that he would cause trouble for others? Do you think if he responded to God’s call that he would stay in the belly of a fish for 3 days? I can only imagine the utter confusion and remorse.

Well, if you are under God’s authority, you cannot disobey God, because you only take commands and instructions from HIM.

Confusion begins when you allow the system of this world to affect your understanding or the decisions you make.

We have a series coming up though, and that is “8 shocking reasons for your confusion about life”

And because of the depth and substantiality of each topic, we will take it one at a time. I hope you exercise some patience as this goes on. Here is a list of what you should expect;

  1. You do not know your stance
  2. You hate discomfort
  3. You are not acting on what you know
  4. You are doing too much and too little (of what?). You’ll find out, remember, be anxious for nothing. Smiles.
  5. You are rushing progress
  6. You judge results with money
  7. You accept too little praises and more condemnation and vice versa
  8. You are doing it alone.


Hope we have answered the question “is it okay to be confused about life”. Brace up because in our series by God’s grace, expect nothing but VALUE and the TRUTH.

Remember, it is okay to be confused about life, but it is not okay to stay confused about life. So reconsider your ways. And if you have reconsidered your ways, continue questioning the system unapologetically!

Until we meet again, always remember your dreams are valid, and they matter too. And if God has said it, then HE means it. HE is a MAN of His WORDS!




14 thoughts on “Is it okay to be confused about life?

  1. Congratulations !! Don’t relent. The sky will not be your limit but a starting point. Once again, congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations !! Don’t relent. The sky will not be your limit but a starting point. Once again, congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations !! Don’t relent. The sky will not be your limit but a starting point. Once again, congratulations!!

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