December 3, 2023

In this guide, we have the 6 important requirements for personal growth. So, stick until the very end to get your answers.

We all aspire to grow intently and graciously in all areas of our lives, but only a few have the tenacity to face growth because real growth comes with the discomfort that might seem unusual most often.

The discomfort that can make you and I forget the promises we’ve made to ourselves and still embrace the deterring status quo.

The discomforts that would make us ask the rhetorical question, “why is life so hard?”

Well, if you have seen yourself in any of these circumstances, you are far from being alone. Life happens to everyone. Even the strongest have their strength questioned by life and some struggles.

But what makes us different is our response to these struggles and our ability to channel it in the right direction for an enormous comeback.

We would only require a few things for growth. Indeed, only a few things matter. So, find out about these important requirements for personal growth. But, before we dive right into these requirements, let’s know why we might see growth as almost an impossible task.

Why do we see growth as an uneasy task?

Fear of further loss: further loss? Yes… most of us have been thrown off balance right before we even heard about life and the different packages it offers at every phase of life. Life has shifted most of us to angles we never dreamt of, right before we prepared for them.

Most of us have lost more than we thought we would ever gain and the knowledge of this could be self-destructive because frequently we wouldn’t want to try again less we fall to rise no more.

However, it is important to note that our losses mold us and realign our life so we do not go in the same directions that yielded our pain, frustration, and the said losses. Not avoid trying again.

Fear of further loss would make us see barricades and not possibilities. Fear of further loss would only land us in self-denial.

Fear of further loss might come in a different tone and shape, like

  • Rejection
  • Disapproval from families and friends
  • Losses in investment
  • Multiple failed relationships, and so on.

First things first

We must declare from the place that we are now that things must change for our good! You must make efforts to have that plan that will bring consistent growth in all the areas of your life.

You should never dwell on past failures or glories; the complacency is draining, so you ‘must’ avoid them. Use them to transport yourself to where you need to be in the next 3 to 5 years.

Knowledge of our flaws shouldn’t deprive us of the life we must live. We must master them and work to become better.

Are you going to face further challenges?

Well, it is no longer surprising and unbelievable. After all, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”

Unless you are not ready for a glorious change, then you should maintain this deteriorating and archaic status quo. But mind you, it is even more excruciating not changing.

Note: nobody made it lying around on a bed of roses, even the ones born with a silver spoon had and will always have a legacy to maintain.

Therefore, we shouldn’t expect to find things any easy but only have the strength and mind to thrive, regardless.

What are the 6 important requirements for personal growth?

Let’s have these requirements. Shall we? Right…

1. Brutal focus

One of the important requirements for growth is the act of focus. You must cease to indulge in all the things that shift your focus from your goals. Certainly, there are so many of them to mention. Here are a few of them;

  1. Social media
  2. Countless excuses
  3. Laziness, oversleeping
  4. Bad influence due to wrong company
  5. Lack of commitment and so many of them.

Make a list of all the things you feel are just in your way to getting that life you have designed for yourself.

When all these are occupying your space, then all you see are reasons to not chase your dreams. All you see are challenges and not possibilities. You wouldn’t see opportunities even when they are glaring.

Dare to not just focus but brutally look at just the dreams and you will kiss most of your worries goodbye.

Well, for brutal focus to take place. Dare to wake every day intentionally reminding yourself where you need to be.

So for us to know and do what we know or have learned, empowers us and makes us different from the rest.

For brutal focus, we must learn to listen more and not just hear. We must learn from our predecessors and pros alike. You must “discern the vital few from the trivial many.” We must learn to be calm, even in difficult situations.

2. Constant Adjustments

Setting goals and brutally focusing on them doesn’t mean life wouldn’t happen that might even alter our plans; in fact, so many things will then be visible to you, and you will notice the red threads that you should not ignore.

But, hey! The knowledge of this shouldn’t deprive you of doing what needs to be done, and that is to at least make adjustments.

And while you might want to still focus on your dreams and ignore them, it is important to take a pause, pay attention to these threads, and pay attention to the signs to know how best to resolve them so they don’t interfere soon.

Constant adjustments must be made during growth. Hope you don’t ask why… but here’s why, as you grow, as you dare to increase, society’s demand increases ten times more. This might make you and I question our competence.

However, you shouldn’t thrash all your lifetime investments to relearn and fit in, but you must learn to incorporate it with the new demand. That should be a combo for you!

Choose to make constant adjustments to be useful at all times while maintaining your stance as a different person with brutal focus. Making constant adjustments is yet another important requirement for growth.

3. Rewarding Relationship

If you intend to grow intentionally, then another important requirement for personal growth that you should not ignore is a rewarding relationship.

While growing, you must not engage or commit to any ‘toxic’ relationship. They do not deserve your time and energy.

And even if you choose to stay for reasons best known to you, it will only take a little time before you realize you have more scars than you ever thought. It’s only time before you realize their attitude has left imprints in your life because, like venom, it permeates and controls one.

Remember, you are still growing and whatever you direct your energy to, good or bad, grows without you knowing it.

And you must constantly remind yourself to become a rewarding and deserving partner just as you wish to get one.

Make sure you are not the toxic one. Be that suitable partner, colleague, friend, business associate, helper, and being. So you can attract like minds and maintain relationships.

You must keep friends that have brutal focus and are ready to make adjustments for a unified growth.

At all times, make constant adjustments to keep them, for that is where ‘happiness’ lies. A valuable relationship will not only change your thought pattern, but correct some paradigms and habits that deter growth.

More so, you must not strangle yourself from every iota of pleasure just because you are too focused on your goals. We are beings and ‘all work and no play makes who a dull what?’ I’m confident you know that.

4.     Skill acquisition

We cannot overemphasize the important role skill acquisition plays as an important factor and requirement for personal growth.

We are all created with amazing ‘talents’. But would we maintain the same talents and not grow them?

Of course not, society is becoming so advanced and demands are constantly changing. We must be wise to hone our craft, so we must maintain an undeniable ‘value’.

You want to become a writer, an artist/artiste; you want to become a cake lord, a presenter, an actor, a comedian, a geologist, a motivational speaker…

You must then pay an inescapable price for them, and remember “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” whatever you do, be competent in your skills, gain mastery that will pave the way, and speak to your future whilst you are still working for them.

It is going to be a long process, but as the saying “nothing good comes easy” you will have to persevere to the very finish because it is not done until it is done, it is not finished until it is finished. Don’t rest when you are tired, rest when you are finished.

Note: rest is important and by rest I mean don’t retire until you have reached your goal.

Okay, it is still important to note that reaching a goal is quite a myth because you would aspire to do more. After all, nobody wants to remain the way they are. Fulfilled goals birth another, and the vicious cycle continues until it’s time to go.

You must detect the skills that will design your life and give you a deserving future, then channel your energy into them.

5. Plan against time

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

You must gradually dissolve living just to wake and plan. What do I mean? Waking to plan in most cases results in stuffing things up and you might end up not doing them.

So instead, before you hit your pillow, plan what your tomorrow would look like. That’s always the catch, right? If not, you shouldn’t be looking for ways to improve. This is because you are planning for your future right before it gets to welcome you.

You must learn to plan to wake with brutal focus. You must learn to plan to wake up earlier than usual, for it is said that some hours are supernatural, and that is when most people connect with nature the most. Wow!

Planning against time gifts you the chance and opportunity to “learn while learning” yes, because during those periods of finding your footing, you will make mistakes and you will most definitely learn from them. You will learn the effectiveness and work tirelessly to set out time for every goal.

Allotting time to achieve all the goals we need to achieve takes us closer to where we need to be.

How do I plan against time? Well, even I would ask this question as a matter-of-fact mountain of questions that might make me look stupid, but I sure know it is for the best.

Hey, what if I say that you know the answer to this question? Yes, this very question… What is holding you back from making those plans? What is holding you back from planning?

It could be a bad influence, the environment that you are in, over-dependency, and a lot of others.

And then why do you think they are holding you back from making your plans? You could still be comfortable with the status quo. Maybe you don’t trust yourself to do great things. Perhaps you don’t have the resources to do what needs to be done.

Jim John said, “The bigger the ‘why’, the easier the ‘how’.”

Knowing the answers to these questions would help on how best to plan against time, you would know the necessary “trade-offs” to make to clear your name off those debts that you should not even be paying.

The only debt that you can ever owe now and be proud to pay is planning to live a better life.

Planning against time is a conscious act. Indeed, it is. At least you now know you are waking up for a purpose. You are not just waking up to wait for that next movie on Netflix.

You are not just waking to continue hunting for how to become better without detecting reasons for you not becoming better. ‘When we ask the right questions, we do the right things.

If you want to become a millionaire, do what millionaires do; we have more resources and materials than our predecessors. You have great people that might not be there to speak one on one with you but will take you by the hands to the way of greatness, but at some point, you would have to walk alone.

All Roads Lead Home, but it can also take different routes. You would only have to follow their procedure that way you don’t make grievous mistakes.

If you must grow consistently, planning against time is one requirement you would need.

And to better keep track of your life, it is wise to keep a journal that would contain your daily habits don’t ignore your daily habits ‘change what does not manifest greatness’, improve more on what needs strategic improvement.

Tackle every issue that would seem like a threat the next day, so you don’t see yourself entirely stopping on life to solve an immense problem that could have been a bygone if it had been sorted on time.

Put your goals down to remind yourself of where you need to be so you don’t relent, but consistently focus on your dreams. Planning is one of the most important requirements for personal growth.

6. Embracing vulnerability

Knowing your strength and your weaknesses should be your aim because it will put you in your place and equally learn others. Embracing vulnerability is another important requirement for personal growth.

How does this help in growth?

When you grow up knowing your strength and weaknesses, you wouldn’t fall into the trap of seeking validation to live your very life to the fullest.

If you grow not knowing your weaknesses and strengths, so many things could go wrong. You would even engage in codependency.

If you know your weaknesses, you wouldn’t have random people come into your life and throw things at your face, then turn tables against you.

You wouldn’t have people scream at the brink of losing their voices just to say how much of a horrible person you are. This is because you now know where their insecurities are coming from.

If you know your weaknesses, nobody will crawl around you telling you what to do and what not to do, even when it is so necessary.

Here! Yes, life is filled with do’s and don’ts, but that should not push you into a quick-fix kind of solution. So knowing your weaknesses will prevent you from doing what they want you to do, as you do what needs to be done! Please read that again to better understand.

Now, to your strength, it is indeed a glorious thing to know our strength. But would you allow praises to lull you into the complacency of yesterday’s event?

So many praises come as a downfall. And we beings enjoy praises more than we should. It takes great discipline to look beyond the ‘clap offerings’ to see there is more work to do.

“To whom much is given, much is expected” so quit playing around and refuse to lose focus, remember it is not finished until it is finished. Even the bible says God Himself would not rest until he finishes the good works He started in our lives.

And when is the very end? When you and I turn 100 years? Or when we are done completing that 6th project? Of course not! Until our stay here on earth is over, God would never quit on us.

Quite some tasks God has over there, I can only imagine. So why relent after writing your 7th novel, why relent after increasing your network to a thousand persons, hey I am not on that list don’t you think you are forgetting me? Hilarious…

We must refuse to be bent alongside the status quo. We are not settling for just those few accomplishments. There is more work to do, but that does not mean we are not grateful.

Note: embracing vulnerabilities does not mean you are weak.

Well, even “the appearance of weakness is the greatest advantage”

Embracing vulnerability would make you understand people’s strengths and weaknesses so you know the role to play in their lives.

And so, even when they give you the highest position in their lives because you know them well enough, you would reassess your life and theirs and be kind enough to maintain your stance in their life, at least to maintain a genuine relationship. To do this…

You must learn to say no, it would save you from a lot of explanations in the ‘near’ future.

Embracing vulnerability would make you understand individual differences. It would make you realize many people, as well as you go through so much, that we would never agree to spill. You wouldn’t even see the need to treat people less importantly. How do you do this?

Simple! By implementing the golden rule…

Yes, quite simple, right? It is no cliché; the golden rule would help us treat others as we would want them to treat us. Implement it and see if there would not be any changes.

Well, while at it, don’t let anyone thread on your intelligence, for that is an act of folly. And even if they thread on your intelligence, be kind enough to yourself to stop it from happening again.

Vulnerability is knowing that people go through trials and challenges, and no matter what happens, amid the anger; you should understand that pre-actions and some thought patterns they might not be aware of sponsored their acts.

You must be strong while helping people walk through fire without fears of getting burnt, for they can only be reshaped.

Don’t stifle any emotion, always let it out. Like, cry when you need to, let it all out, laugh when you need to say yes when you should and no when you should.

Love others as you love yourself and, as Christ has taught, we should love.

Don’t be hard on yourself when things go south, for those are your challenges and they can only shape you and not break you.

Vulnerability is not weakness and would not make you any less human. But if you master your strengths and weaknesses, you are going to be extraordinary. You are going to navigate your way through a glorious future that you didn’t just aspire to, but were prepared for. What can be more than that?

Note: it is a myth that everyone has it under control. No one has it all figured out. Everyone is always searching for answers. Hopefully, this answers your questions.


These are the 6 important requirements for personal growth, and you must live to outgrow the characters that you detest and hinder your full growth. Learn to walk through the storm with your chin up and your mind zeroed toward failure.

And how would you achieve this? By doing the things this guide has provided, however, don’t rely on it alone. There are certainly other resources and materials that would change your life if you follow them intentionally, so start digging.

Your growth matters because your dreams are valid, so grow intentionally today!


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